Using Chalkboard
Using Chalkboard
Why do you need each Google permission?

Connecting your Chalkboard account to a Google business listing is a key part of how we make it so easy to request and manage your reviews for your business. You may notice while

What to know about asking for reviews

At Chalkboard, we know that happy customers are glad to give you a review -- and that simply asking for them is the key to growing your small or local business. More reviews

Tips on how to ask customers for reviews

As a local business, it's still really important to have a strong online presence. Many people look for local businesses online, or use the internet to research a business they're thinking about using.

How we process consumer personal information

This information is relevant to consumers - the customers of local businesses who use Chalkboard.Chalkboard is a service that allows local businesses to collect more reviews from happy customers by making the

Why do you need each Facebook permission?

It may be worrying to see Chalkboard ask for so many permissions to access your Facebook account, but you can rest assured that Chalkboard only asks for the permissions it needs, and manages

Contact us

You can contact us by email, or directly from the Chalkboard app. Find out how to contact us.

Looking after your customer's personal data

This article is about your obligations to your customers. If you want to find out about how Chalkboard stores your own data (as a customer of Chalkboard), please read our privacy policy.

Porting your number away from Chalkboard

If you were assigned a number that you love from Chalkboard, but you’ve decided to stop using our app - you are able to take your Chalkboard number with you.

What mobile data or network coverage does Chalkboard need?

Chalkboard is different to many other second line apps that rely 100% on mobile data (or Wi-Fi) to work. To ensure the best quality and reliability of calls, we use both data (for text messages) and your mobile/cellular network (to make and receive calls).

If you can’t find an answer here, you can always contact our friendly team through the Chalkboard app. Click Settings, then Contact us.