Managing your direct card billed subscription

When you pay for your Chalkboard subscription via direct card billing, you're in control.

Only workspace owners can view billing details in app, but they can add/remove cards on demand, download invoices, view the current subscription plan and cancel or renew the subscription as required.

How does adding users or numbers affect my subscription?

When you add a chargeable item like a new user or phone number, we always update your current plan to reflect these changes.

This means you'll always see the latest breakdown of users and phone numbers you're paying for.

Once a new user invite is accepted, we will start to charge for the additional user. If a user joins part way through the month, we will charge a pro-rata amount plus a full month on the next invoice.

When you create a new phone number, you'll be pro-rata'd for the first month depending on when you added the number in your billing cycle, and after the initial pro-rata'd period, you'll pay for the full month.

Am I billed for invited users?

Invited users (shown as pending in the app) don't get added to your current plan until they accept the invite.

This means you'll only ever pay for active users with access to Chalkboard.

How does removing users or numbers affect my subscription?

When you remove a chargeable item like a user or phone number, we will remove these from your current plan.

If you've paid for a number for the full month, but choose to delete it part way through, unfortunately, we can't give a refund or credit for the remainder of the month. If you're looking to delete a number we recommend deleting it just before the end the paid period.

Removing a user doesn't automatically delete any numbers they were associated with, so if you notice their numbers haven't been removed from the number count, you'll need to delete the number also.

Can I add a new payment card?

You can add new payment cards as you need, head to Settings, tap on Manage workspace, then Billing. Once you're in the billing screen press Update card and then Add.

Adding a new payment card automatically sets it as the default payment method used to pay for your subscription.

Can I remove a payment card?

You can remove a card in the same way you add a card as outlined above, but instead of pressing Add, select Edit and tap on the cross in the top corner of the card you want to remove.

Can I edit the details shown on my invoice?

You can add your business name and address to your invoices by pressing Settings, click on Manage workspace and tap on Workspace details.

What happens if my subscription expires?

If your subscription ends, you'll still be able to access the billing screen to download invoices for your records or renew your subscription as you require.

Restarting your subscription is simple, we will always use your default card when renewed and send you an email confirming the renewal.

Updated 385 days ago.

If you can’t find an answer here, you can always contact our friendly team through the Chalkboard app. Click Settings, then Contact us.