Inviting your team to Chalkboard

Chalkboard works best when you invite your team, so we've made inviting new users a doddle, and managing users even it's free!

Inviting users to Chalkboard means you can share incoming calls, collaborate together on customer messages, set up user-friendly workspace settings and more.

How do I new invite users to Chalkboard?

Inviting a new user to Chalkboard couldn't be easier, simply:

  • Click Settings (cog top right)
  • Select Manage workspace
  • Tap on Users
  • Click Invite new user
  • Select the user role (you can choose from either admin or a generic user)
  • Enter an email address
  • Choose if the person you're inviting can have access to an existing phone number in the workspace and/or can create their own new, personal number (or if you're not sure you can skip this step and revisit it later).
What are the different role types in a workspace?

There are three main types of roles in Chalkboard, each with their own specific abilities:

  • Owner - has full control and management of the workspace, including all users, numbers, settings and workspace billing
  • Admin - has access to manage users, numbers and settings, but no access to manage workspace billing
  • User - has the lowest access rights, giving them the ability to use the numbers that you give them access to
What happens if I let an invited user select their own number?

If you send an invite to a new user and allow them to select their own number, you're still in control.

When selecting the number, they don't have the ability to add a number name, icon or colour, and you'll always be able to add in/remove users as required, at any time.

Once the user selects the number they want and provides their full name, they are automatically added to the number and join the workspace.

Whats a workspace in Chalkboard?

A workspace in Chalkboard is essentially your business.

We know that businesses have different teams and departments, so when you start a subscription in Chalkboard, we instantly create a workspace for all your teams of users and numbers to sit within.

In the future, we plan to allow users access to multiple workspaces.

What is a pending invite?

When you send an invite out, it'll show as pending until the person you invited accepts the invitation.

It doesn't mean the invite wasn't received, but it's always worth checking in to make sure the person you're inviting received it.

Can an invite be re-sent if it wasn't received?

Currently, you aren't able to re-send an invite once it's sent, so you'll need to cancel the existing invite before sending a new one.

Do users have profiles in Chalkboard?

Yes! All users, irrespective of role, are able to manage their own profiles and all users can see each other's profiles in Chalkboard.

This means everyone in a workspace can:

  • Update their name
  • Change their email address and phone number
  • Upload a photo to use as their avatar in Chalkboard
  • See their teammate's profiles, email addresses and phone numbers
What happens if I cancel an invite?

Every time you send an invitation to join Chalkboard, the person invited will receive an email with a personal invitation from you (or any workspace admin that sends an invite out) - this invitation includes your name, workspace name and a unique link to start their onboarding.

If you cancel an invite before it's accepted, we terminate the link, preventing anyone from accessing the onboarding steps to join your workspace.

Once cancelled, you'll need to re-invite the user if you change your mind.

Updated 348 days ago.

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