Blocking a number

We understand that from time to time, unwanted or spam-like contact happens, so we've given you a quick and easy way to take action and manage this accordingly so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

How do I block a number?

We've made blocking a number as simple as possible so that you can continue using Chalkboard, hassle-free.

Blocking a number can be achieved in multiple ways and managed from the Block list settings page.

To block a number you can:

  • Select the message thread within the Chats tab, click the three dots (at the top right) and select Block contact
  • Select the number from the Calls tab, click on the Info icon next to the number you're attempting to block, select the Block icon on the contact screen and click Block number
  • Head over to your Settings (cog icon at top right), tap on Manage workspace, then Block list and then Block a number
Whats the difference between blocking a number and blocking a contact?

From time to time, you may want to prevent a saved contact in your phonebook from being able to reach you rather than just deleting the number(s).

We've made it possible to block an entire contact in one go so that if there are multiple numbers saved, you can apply a block to all.

Simply head to your Phonebook, select the relevant contact, choose if you want to retain the message and call history and then select the Block icon and you're done!

We also give you the option to remove all messages and call history so you can purge all traces of contact as required.

Managing blocked numbers

You can manage all blocked numbers either in the Block list settings or from a saved contact in your Phonebook.

To manage a blocked number, head over to Settings (cog icon at top right), select Block list and take action accordingly by pressing Unblock next to any of the numbers shown.

To unblock a contact entirely (in the instance they have multiple numbers saved) you can either unblock numbers from the Block list manually or by heading to Phonebook, selecting the relevant contact, tapping on the Block icon and clicking Unblock contact.

What happens if someone tries to contact me when they're blocked

If a number that is blocked in Chalkboard tries to contact you, all calls will fail to connect (they will hear a busy tone briefly before the call disconnects) and all text messages will fail to be received.

Can I contact someone thats blocked?

Unless you unblock the number, you won't be able to place calls or send messages.

You'll notice we've disabled the call and message icons around the app so you can't accidentally make contact and attempting to place a call at the dialler screen will return a "Call failed" error explaining the number is blocked.

Updated 387 days ago.

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