The separate local phone number for work

Keep your real number private, easily recognise work calls, and get extra tools to help you stay organised 👌 and grow 🚀.
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Making your work life more organised

Chalkboard gives you a second phone number just for work. No need for a second phone, and no call or text message charges.
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Text or call your customers

Choose your own second phone number (US local or UK mobile number), and always know when a customer is calling.

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Keep work contacts separate

Never lose a customer number again. All your business contacts in one place. Separate work and life, once and for all.

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Never miss an opportunity

Switch on auto reply to text back customers automatically if you miss their call.

All this in one simple mobile app

Get a unique, dedicated business number on your existing phone. No battery draining dual SIM, and never have to worry about carrying a second phone again.

No extra equipment, just install the app

Just install the app, choose your new phone number, and start using it straight away. No need for a second phone or SIM card.

Instantly choose a local phone number

You'll be able to choose your own second phone number (UK mobile or US local number) and secure it immediately.

No extra call or text charges

You pay a simple, affordable subscription. Nothing extra to pay. All your calls and texts are included.

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Plus, create your own working schedule for the work/life balance ⚖️

Your new second work number is just the start. Chalkboard includes more great tools to make every indie business or professional shine.
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Send anything with media messaging

Add more to conversations - send photos, videos, files, contact cards and voice notes.

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Send broadcast texts with lists

Organise customers by interest or preference, then send quick updates without having to type one by one.

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Organise your customers

Import customers from your device or add new customers directly. Keep work contacts separate.

For every indie, creative, professional, and local business

Minimum effort from you

Chalkboard knows what it’s like working for yourself, so we go the extra mile to make things quick and easy.

Use anywhere

You can do everything you need in our mobile app available on Google Play or Apple App Store®.

Great value promise

Pay less than a cup of coffee per week.

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What users say about Chalkboard

Kyle Chamberd
17 Aug 2022

Great service, my customers love that I send texts instead of emails now.

5 Aug 2022

The app has some great features… I love that it includes voicemail, but also that I can send a text response to missed calls. Receiving voicemail messages as both a sound and text message is brilliant. Being able to ‘broadcast’ text messages to lists is really useful.

17 Aug 2021

We have been using this app for guest related after hour services in our hotel and it’s working very well.

you L oe
21 Feb 2021

I love chalkboard Chalkboard is amazing, super and brilliant and I don’t now why it doesn’t have full stars so I have put full stars!!

16 Oct 2020

Great tool! Very quick to setup and made it easy to manage all my business reviews anywhere!

Paul Hooper
6 Nov 2020

Very handy utility for gathering reviews on Facebook and Google

Gabriele Kreutzlucken-Swift
18 Mar 2021

Easy to use, great app

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