Managing your team in Chalkboard

Managing your team in Chalkboard is nothing more than a few simple clicks.

We've made it easy for users to be added, removed, updated and changed whenever required, and within seconds, so you can focus on the more important things.

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How many users can I have in my workspace?

As many as you need!

We don't place restrictions on how many users you can have within a workspace and it's free to invite your team.

What are the different user roles in a workspace?

There are three main types of roles in Chalkboard, each with their own specific abilities:

  • Owner - has full control and management of the workspace, including all users, numbers, settings and workspace billing
  • Admin - has access to manage users, numbers and settings, but no access to manage workspace billing
  • User - has the lowest access rights, only giving them the ability to use the numbers that you give them access to.
Can I change an active users role?

You can! Changing a user's role is easy but can only be done by a workspace owner or admin.

There are no restrictions on how many admins or users you can have within a workspace.

Owners can downgrade their role/pass the role to another nominated user in the workspace, it's worth noting there is only ever one owner in a workspace so passing this role onto another user gives them access to all settings within the workspace, including billing management.

How do I remove a user from my workspace?

If you need to remove a user from your workspace, you can:

  • Select Manage workspace
  • Tap on Users
  • Tap on the specific user you want to delete

Once you've confirmed, the user will be removed from the workspace and your current plan will be updated to reflect the changes.

Can I suspend a user instead of removing?

Absolutely, we understand that sometimes things change and you need the flexibility to manage it.

If you want to suspend a user, instead of removing them, you can simply select the user in the Users screen and press Suspend user.

This will immediately log the user out and prevent them from logging back in until you change their access.

To unsuspend a user, simply tap on the user again and hit Unsuspend user.

It's worth noting that users that are suspended are still billed as normal.

What does a suspended user see when trying to log in?

We've made it as discreet as possible for you to manage suspended users.

When a suspended user attempts to sign in, they are restricted from accessing Chalkboard and an error message shows up advising them to contact the workspace owner.

Why can't I invite another owner?

Currently, you're only able to have one owner role per workspace.

Usually, the workspace owner is the person who set up the Chalkboard account and provided the billing information.

If you want to change ownership and make another user the workspace owner, you can do this easily by:

  • Clicking Settings (cog at top right)
  • Tap Manage workspace
  • Click on Users
  • Select the user you want to become the new workspace owner
  • Tap on User role
  • Change the role type to owner and hit Save
I'm the only user, why can't I add any more?

It's likely you're subscribed by either Apple or Google, which doesn't allow you to add further billable items like additional users.

You'll need to migrate to direct billing to be able to add more users, you can follow the simple steps here to make the change.

I need to delete a user, what happens to the phone numbers they are associated with?

Deleting a user doesn't delete any numbers they may have been associated with, even if they were the only user on that number, so you're free to add new users, repurpose the number or delete it as required.

Updated 345 days ago.

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