Work phone numbers for your team

Give your whole team their own work numbers. No extra devices, no SIM cards, and full control every step of the way.
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The problem with work phones

Modern teams rely on their phones, but mobile use in the workplace is broken.

Dedicated devices are out

Nobody likes to carry a whole separate phone for work, and it's expensive for the business too.

Using personal phones is bad for privacy

Having business calls, messages, and contacts on your employee's phones takes all control away from the business.

Managers have a lack of visibility

How can your managers coach and supervise the team without having visibility of their calls and messages?

When people leave, their number leaves with them

When business is being done on numbers you don't own, you end up losing customers at the same time as employees.

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Just use Chalkboard instead

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Replaces personal phones

Give your team the Chalkboard app. The business will always be in reach of every call, message, and contact.

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Instead of work devices

Your team can put a separate business number on their personal phone. No SIM cards or hardware needed.

Direct Dial Number

Inviting the team couldn't be easier

Send invites with a couple of taps, and we'll guide the team to install the app and choose phone numbers.

Choose Number

Professional voicemail

Voicemail enabled

Every number has voicemail. Play back voicemail messages right from the app.


We'll also transcribe every voicemail message into text, making voicemail easier than ever.

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Voicemail to text

Ready for work

Auto-reply to calls

Auto-reply responds to missed (and out of hours) calls with a text message.

Rich media messaging

Add more to conversations — send photos, videos, files, contacts, and voice notes.

Block numbers

Permanently block spam or other nuisance numbers with just a couple of taps.

Number Options

Organise contacts and keep them updated 📣

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Business phonebook

Keep work and personal separate with the built-in business contact phonebook.

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Keep track of contact info

Store numbers, emails, dates, and more. All the important details in your pocket.

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Broadcast to contacts

Send quick updates to lists of contacts, without having to text individually.

For rest as well as work

Chalkboard is designed for the times when your team can't take a call as much as for when they can.

Respect working hours

Set working hours and silence notifications outside those hours. Use voicemail and auto-reply to take care of things during downtime.

Keep personal numbers private

Every call dials out on your business number. It keeps your team's personal numbers private.

Recognise every business call

It's always clear when it's a work call. And when the team can't answer, Chalkboard takes care of things.

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It's so easy to get started ☕️

Port numbers in and out

You can always port your existing numbers to Chalkboard in a few simple steps. It's also easy to port any phone number away.

Instant setup

Create phone numbers and invite your team in a matter of minutes.

Apps your team will love to use

Our business-ready app is on the Apple App Store® (for iPhones®), or on Google Play (for Android phones).

Support when you need it

For the occasional moments when you need a helping hand or encounter a problem, we’re here to help.

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