Share phone numbers with your team

Bring the team together around your phone numbers. Work together to respond to calls and messages.
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Why use team numbers?

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For on-the-go teams

Chalkboard allows your team to handle work calls & messages right from their existing phone. It's a more mobile alternative to phone systems.

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To share calls & messages

Team numbers allow phone calls and messages to be shared. When a call comes in, anyone can pick up. Each number is like a shared message inbox.

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Keep customer contact in one place

By putting business conversations into a shared app, business owners can always access the team's call and message history.

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What can Chalkboard replace?

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Desk phones and phone systems

It's all the best bits from a phone system, without the phone system! Replace control panels with a modern app.

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Personal phones used for work

You're always within reach of every call, message, and contact, if you ever need to be. Not stranded on personal phones.

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Messaging apps

You don't need separate messaging apps, all your team's calls and messages can be handled right from the app.

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Email marketing

Send text messages to highly targeted groups of contacts with our lists and broadcast features.

Add (or remove) numbers with just a few taps

Choose from thousands of available phone numbers, personalise them and share them with your team. Add or remove numbers whenever you need.

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Send messages to many contacts at once

Create a list, add your contacts, then broadcast the same message to many contacts at once.

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Flexible and business ready

Share numbers or keep them private

Your users can share numbers, or have one or more private numbers for themselves.

More than just plain text messages

Send and receive photos, videos, documents, contacts, and voice notes.

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Just the features you need, nothing more

Teams use Chalkboard because they want a simple, affordable way to share calls & messages. Nothing more.

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Bring the team together around calls & messages



Share calls amongst the team 🤙

When a call comes in, any members of your team that have been added to a number can pick up. Share the burden of taking calls.

It works the same for making calls. Anyone invited to a number can make a call from the number.

Messages or Home

A shared inbox for messages 📥

Just like with calls, the team can share text messages too. Just invite them to a number, and they'll see a shared inbox of text messages.

All history with the contact is available in one, clear, central thread.

Power in your team's pockets

Chalkboard helps your team to stay on the same page and respond faster to customers. Without being tied to a desk.

A powerful shared phonebook

Share contacts inside Chalkboard. Use it like a pocket-sized team database.

Reply consistently with templates

Make replying quicker and more consistent by sharing common replies for the team to use.

Easy to see who has already replied

All message and call history is constantly synced with the team, so you always know what needs dealing with.


It's so easy to get started ☕️

Port numbers in and out

You can always port your existing numbers to Chalkboard in a few simple steps. It's also easy to port any phone number away.

Instant setup

Create phone numbers and invite your team to share access in a matter of minutes.

Apps your team will love to use

Our business-ready app is on the Apple App Store® (for iPhones®), or on Google Play (for Android phones).

Support when you need it

For the occasional moments when you need a helping hand or encounter a problem, we’re here to help.

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