Setting up personal hours

Personal hours allows users to individually add in their shift pattern or working days/hours so that they can take control of their work/life balance and only be reachable on numbers shared with them when they are working.

Personal hours is currently an iOS only feature.

You'll need to be on the Pro plan to access personal hours - you can upgrade to Pro by heading to Billing and selecting Change plan, or speak to your account owner.

Whats the difference between working hours and personal hours?

Working hours is a number level feature designed to allow you to set the times that the phone number is active and managed by the team - think of it as your shops opening hours.

Inside of a number's set working hours, all users who either don't have personal hours set, or have hours set that are inside of the numbers working hours will be notified when a call or message is received.

Personal hours is a user level feature that gives your team more control and flexibility to set their own personal working schedule, adding in the regular Monday-Friday 9-5 working pattern, or varying shifts per day, so they can manage their work/life balance.

Whats the difference between personal hours and do not disturb mode?

Do not disturb mode is a feature designed to temporarily remove you from the incoming call flow and silence all notifications - ideal for those busy meetings or quiet coffee breaks where you need to focus on something else.

Do not disturb mode is currently an iOS only feature.

Does personal hours cover all phone numbers I have access to?

Yes, you can have set personal hours that cover phone numbers with varying working hours.

This is useful when numbers are managed like teams or departments that may have differing availability to answer calls.

What happens if my personal hours are longer than a phone numbers working hours?

As working hours are number specific, you may find that you have access to phone numbers with varying working hours.

Setting your personal hours means all numbers you have access to will honour those hours, only routing calls through to you when you're available.

Does it matter if users in the workspace all have different personal hours set?

Not at all, setting personal hours simply lets us know when we should or shouldn't include your user's devices in the incoming call flow, meaning only users who are working at the time of an incoming call or message will be notified.

What happens outside of set personal hours

Nothing! To help with the work/life balance we silence all calls and message notifications.

You'll still be able to see new messages and updated call history in the app so you can keep up to date when you return to work.

How do I enable personal hours?

Here's how to set up personal hours:

  • Tap on your user avatar (top left)
  • Tap Personal hours and toggle the feature on
  • Enable the days, or shifts, you're working and set your personal hours using the Edit button.
  • Toggle off the days you're not working - all calls and messages will be silenced on days marked as 'Not working'
Can I update/change my set personal hours?

Absolutely, personal hours can be updated at any time and the changes will go live immediately.

What happens if I disable my personal hours?

If you decide you no longer need the feature active, when you disable it, you'll go back to either receiving all call and message notifications if working hours on the numbers you have access to is disabled, or only within the phone numbers set working hours.

Updated 218 days ago.

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