What are lists?

Lists are a great way to categorise and group your contacts into usable marketing lists ready to share with your team and use with our broadcast feature. You can add the main number of a contact card to as many lists as you like and manage your lists on the go to keep things up to date.

Why do you only use the main number for lists?

We've created lists this way so that a contact card with multiple numbers doesn't end up having the same message sent, multiple times.

Using the main number of each contact card (in the instance that a contact card only has one number, this will always be the main number) means it's easy to manage which contacts are associated with which lists.

How do I create a list?

We've given you two ways to create a new list, you can either:

  • Head to Phonebook, select a contact and click Add to list where you'll be able to select Create a new list, or
  • Head to Phonebook, select the Lists tab and click on Add new list

You'll also be able to see existing lists in both options, just in case you decide a new list isn't required.

How do I add a contact number to an existing list?

Simple, you can either:

  • Head to Phonebook, select a contact and click Add to list where you'll be able to select from existing lists. Once added, you'll see a confirmation on the screen to show the main number of that contact has been successfully added to the list, or
  • Head to Phonebook, select the Lists tab and click on the list you wish to add the number too.

Whichever way you decide to add a number to an existing list, you'll always see a confirmation on the screen to show you the number has been added to the list correctly.

How do I manage my lists?

We've made managing lists quick and easy - simply head to your Phonebook, select the Lists tab, click on the list you want to manage and from here you can:

  • Rename your list
  • Share your list with other users, numbers or the entire workspace
  • Remove customer numbers from the list
  • Add another customer number
  • Delete the list entirely

From here, you can also create a Broadcast message to fully utilise the lists feature!

How many lists can I create?

Each user can create as many lists as they need, and share them accordingly.

We understand that for some businesses, lists of customers help to create an effective marketing opportunity so we don't place any limitations on lists.

Can a number be on multiple lists?

Sure! You can add a contact's main number to as many lists as you like!

Chalkboard will help you manage your lists by preventing you from adding the same number to a list twice to remove any duplication headaches.

How to use a list to send a broadcast

Once you've got your list ready, sending a Broadcast message to it is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Head to Chats and press the message icon
  2. Select Broadcast to a list and select the list you want to broadcast to
  3. Type your message and press Send...it's as easy as that!

If you're already in the phonebook's Lists tab, you can also press the Message icon next to each list to quickly create and send a broadcast message.

Broadcasts are only available on Pro, if you're on the Standard plan you'll need to upgrade or speak to your workspace Owner.

What happens to a blocked number on a list?

Blocking a main number/contact card effectively removes the main number from any list it's associated with - you can keep sending those broadcast messages with the peace of mind we won't allow any messages to be sent to blocked numbers.

Updated 298 days ago.

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