What is a broadcast message?

Broadcasts are a quick and easy way of sending a custom message to multiple numbers associated with a list. Broadcasts are an effective way of using the List function as a marketing tool to target key customers, with specific information.

It's worth noting that broadcast messages are not a "group messaging feature" - when a broadcast is sent, it is sent as its own individual message to the number associated with the list and replies can't be seen by others.

Broadcasts are only available on Pro, if you're on the Standard plan you'll need to upgrade or speak to your workspace Owner.

How do lists work with the broadcast feature?

Lists and broadcasts go hand in hand, you can't use one properly without the other but you'll need to create a list before sending a broadcast message.

We've given you two easy ways to create a new list, you can either:

  • Head to Phonebook, select a contact and click Add to list in the Lists section at the bottom left where you'll be able to select Create a new list, or
  • Head to Phonebook, select the Lists tab and click on Add new list

You'll also be able to see existing lists in both options, just in case you decide a new list isn't required.

Go ahead and create that list of customers, contacts or marketing subscribers - broadcast messages are only as good as the list you're using to reach!

How do I create a broadcast message?

We've made sending broadcast messages a doddle, simply:

  • Head to Chats
  • Press the message icon
  • Select Broadcast to a List
  • Select the list you want to broadcast to
  • Type your message and press Send...it's as easy as that!

If you're already in the phonebook's Lists tab, you can also press the Message icon next to each list to quickly create and send a broadcast message.

You can select View list once you've typed your message to double-check you're happy with the customers who will receive the broadcast message.

Can broadcast messages be unsent?

Broadcast messages can't be unsent, so it's important to check you are happy with the contents of the message and the main numbers/contacts associated with the list before pressing send.

If you're the list owner, you can manage your lists easily to make sure you only send broadcast messages to the people you intend to.

If the list is owned by another user but shared with you, you can either ask the list owner to manage/remove contacts or remove your own contacts via the phonebook contact card.

Whats the difference between a normal message and a broadcast message?

Both broadcast messages and messages sent directly from your chats are sent as standard SMS messages, the only difference is that sending a broadcast message gives you the ability to send one custom message to multiple numbers in one go.

Will broadcasts messages be sent to blocked numbers?

No, when a contact/number is blocked they are removed from any Lists they are associated with.

We've removed the risk of sending a broadcast message unintentionally so that blocked contacts stay blocked.

How do I know a broadcast message has been sent?

When your broadcast message is sent, we add the message directly to your Chats threads for each of the numbers in the list - you'll notice the broadcast speakerphone icon under the message bubble so you can tell what was sent as a broadcast message, and what was part of a normal conversation.

Will the person receiving the broadcast message know it's a broadcast?

No way! The person receiving the broadcast message will receive the message as a standard SMS message, we only make it clear within Chalkboard using the broadcast icon which messages have been sent as broadcasts for your reference.

Why can't I access this feature?

Broadcasts are only available on Pro, if you're on the Standard plan you'll need to upgrade or speak to your workspace Owner.

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