Setting up call forwarding

Call forwarding is a quick and easy way to make sure that calls can still be answered, even when you're not around to take them personally - think of it as your very own DND or holiday mode.

With call forwarding, you can forward all incoming calls to your Chalkboard number to any nominated local or mobile number in your country in seconds.

Send calls to another member of the team, an external business line or a business partner - the choice is yours!

How do I set up call forwarding?

To set up call forwarding:

  • Tap on your user avatar (top left)
  • Select Manage workspace
  • Tap on Phone numbers and select your number
  • Select Call forwarding
  • Enter a number and tap Save
Can I forward calls to any type of number?

You can forward all incoming calls to any standard rate local or mobile number within your country.

Unfortunately, at present, you can't forward calls to international, premium rate or emergency numbers.

Will my callers know the call is being forwarded?

Your caller won't know any difference or hear anything to tell them the call is being forwarded, but it's worth remembering they may be expecting to reach you and not the person the call is forwarded to.

How do I turn call forwarding off?

Simply click into the field containing the number, delete it and press Save and call forwarding will be switched off, it's as easy as that!

You can check the status of the call forwarding feature in your phone numbers settings, simply head to Settings, select Manage workspace, tap on your phone number and you'll see the status label underneath the call forwarding feature.

Whats the difference between call forwarding and working hours?

Call forwarding enables you to forward all calls, 24/7, overriding all other Chalkboard settings.

Working hours allows you to define the days and hours that you work, meaning that you'll receive all calls inside of your working hours and offers you flexibility on how to handle calls outside of them - you can read more about working hours here.

What happens if I place a call when call forwarding is enabled?

We don't prevent you from making an outbound call when call forwarding is enabled, but it's worth remembering that if the person you're calling doesn't answer and calls you back, their call will also be forwarded.

How long does call forwarding stay enabled for?

Once enabled, call forwarding remains on until you disable it.

How does call forwarding work alongside other calling features?

If you have call forwarding enabled, alongside other features like working hours or call greeting, it's important to note that your call greeting will be played before a call is forwarded and ignores any working hour set, forwarding all calls unless the feature is disabled.

Updated 102 days ago.

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