Managing push notifications and permissions in Chalkboard

Push notifications are key to a communications app, so you'll want to make sure you've got them set correctly for Chalkboard to work as it should.

Permission requests are usually point-of-use requests to ask you to grant access to certain hardware or areas of your phone to allow you to use core features within the app.

How do I check my notifications are enabled?

To check if notifications are enabled, simply head to Settings (cog at top right) and check the status - it'll either show as enabled or disabled.

For Chalkboard to work correctly, you'll need notifications enabled so we can show you incoming calls and messages.

If notifications are disabled, you can click Manage in settings which will take you through to your device's settings and allow you to quickly enable them.

Can I disable any notifications?

You can disable notifications at any time, but it's worth noting that core features won't work correctly if you do decide to disable them.

Why do I need to grant permissions?

Certain features within Chalkboard require permissions to be granted for them to work correctly, this includes:

  • When accessing your devices phonebook to import contacts to Chalkboard
  • When using your device's microphone to place or receive a call
  • When using your device's camera to send media like a photo/video

Because Chalkboard may need to access hardware related to your device, we make it clear what we need access to - without these permissions granted, you won't be able to use certain features in the app.

Updated 385 days ago.

If you can’t find an answer here, you can always contact our friendly team through the Chalkboard app. Click Settings, then Contact us.