Setting a call greeting

Call greetings are a great way to personalise every incoming call and pass on valuable information to your caller before the call starts.

Greetings can be recorded or uploaded and are set at individual number level, meaning you can personalise each number depending on your business needs.

This feature is only available on the Pro plan.

Why would I need to use a call greeting?

Perhaps you want to share opening hours, regulatory information about your business or you simply want to be able to give a consistent, personal message before the call connects.

Call greetings are designed to bridge the gap between the call ringing and the caller speaking to yourself, or one of your team.

How do I use the call greeting feature?
  • Tap on your user avatar (top left)
  • Select Manage workspace
  • Tap on Phone numbers
  • Select the number you want to set a call greeting for
  • Click on Call greeting

Once you're here, you have the option to either record or upload a call greeting by simply pressing Add greeting.

What file types can be uploaded?

Any MP3 or WAV format audio file can be uploaded.

How long can my recording be?

We've given you up to 4 minutes worth of recording time, so we recommend you prepare and practise what you want to say in your greeting to make sure you can fit it all in the recording time.

After the 4 minutes is up, the recording will automatically end and you'll either need to re-record or save the greeting to enable the feature.

Can I save more than one call greeting and switch between them?

Unfortunately, we only store the active, saved greeting, so you can't switch between alternative recordings.

It's worth bearing in mind that re-recording your greeting overwrites the existing one immediately.

What happens if I delete my call greeting?

Deleting your saved call greeting turns off the feature for that specific number and you'll need to re-record or upload a greeting to turn it back on again.

How do I know if my call greeting is enabled?

We've added a status label to each Chalkboard phone number so you'll be able to clearly see which number has a greeting on, or off.

Simply head to your phone number settings to check.

How do I disable the call greeting feature?

To turn off the feature, simply delete the existing greeting and you're done!

How does the call greeting feature work alongside other calling features?

If you have a call greeting enabled, it will play before any call forwarding kicks in (if enabled) and outside of your set working hours before the call goes to voicemail (if enabled)

Why can't I access this feature?

Call greeting is a Pro feature, you'll need to upgrade to access it.

Click on the Pro badge to change your plan, or speak to your account owner to upgrade.

Updated 84 days ago.

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