The full feature list of Chalkboard

Note: Chat is launching April 2021.

We’ve worked hard to make Chalkboard Chat as simple to use as possible, but there may be some features you haven’t quite noticed or gotten the full benefit from.

Perhaps you’re weighing the decision to subscribe and want to learn more about everything a subscription includes.

Either way, here’s a list of all of the features included in our chat product.

Phone numbers

  • Each chat subscriber gets a unique phone number assigned to them
  • US users will get a mobile number with an area code of their choice
  • UK users are assigned a mobile number
  • These numbers are text only. If someone tries to call your number, they will hear a short recorded message simply saying the number cannot be called.


  • Two way text with customers from your assigned phone number, just like you’d text a friend back and forth
  • Send broadcast messages out to entire lists of customers.

If you selected a list with 20 customers on it, you could send one message that would then appear as separate messages to each of those 20 people.

  • Easily reply and see unread messages in a familiar, simple chat interface
  • Message status

One tick when sent, and two ticks for being delivered.

  • Error notices if your message did not successfully get delivered
  • Consent reminders

It’s important to get permission to message your customers, so we give you little reminders throughout using Chat.

  • Option to get notified when a new message comes in


  • Create ‘lists’ and add customers to them
  • Sort customers using interest or preference

For example, a bakery might have a ‘gluten free’ list of customers

  • Lists interact with our broadcast messaging feature. Building lists means you can send quick updates to specific customers without having to type one by one.


  • Import customers from your device or add new customers
  • Keep your business contacts separate from your personal ones
  • Option to delete customers and all associated chats if you so choose
  • Search customers


  • “Review status” badges near customer name in chat

Always know if a customer has been asked to leave you a review, and request one if they haven’t - all from the chat view

  • See updates on review status in customer chat view

You can see if a customer has left you a review, and link to reply to it from your chat with a customer.

  • Follow up on reviews.

By having the “review status” viewable from chat, you’re able to quickly follow up by sending your customer a message and reminding them.

Other information

  • Available in the US and UK
  • Low commitment - cancel anytime.
  • If you cancel, you will not be billed the following cycle.
  • Phone number handling upon cancellation
  • If you do cancel, but decide you’d like to resubscribe - you can reclaim the same phone number within 7 days.

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If you can’t find an answer here, you can always contact our friendly team through the Chalkboard app. Click Settings, then Get help.