Call recording

Call recording allows you to record business calls. Great for compliance or training.
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What is call recording?

Call recording allows you to automatically capture every phone conversation that takes place within your business and replay them at the touch of a button.

You may remember the last work-related call you had with someone. But if you need to listen back much later or fill someone in regarding what happened on the call, odds are you won’t be completely accurate – unless you record the phone call.

Call recording with Chalkboard

Enabling call recording in Chalkboard allows you to auto-record all incoming and outgoing calls, taking the hassle away from having to decide which calls you or your team should record.

Consent is key, so we've designed the feature to work with privacy and compliance in mind - you'll only record calls that all parties consent to and when the call ends, we store the recording in the message thread with the contact for you to playback any time you need.

The business benefits of call recording

Improve your customer service

Call recording is a good training tool for staff evaluations. Coach your teams by listening back to calls and working together to improve performance.

No more misheard details

Review conversations, double-check quotations and ensure you understand your customers’ exact requirements.

Quickly and easily resolve disputes

All your calls are on file, ready for whenever you need to listen back to them and understand exactly what was said.

Multi task

The easy way to share phone numbers with your team

Chalkboard gives you all the business calling and messaging features you need, without a phone system.

Completely flexible

Text and call as a team with shared or private numbers. Flexible and simple.

Takes minutes to set up

No contracts, no phone system, no SIM cards, and no configuration. Just install the app and go!

All the features you need

Including missed call auto-reply, working hours, templates, and much more...

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Get started today

It's the easy way for your team to text and call together without the hassle and complexity of a phone system!

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