Contact lists

Use lists to group and organise contacts in your phonebook. Then use them to send updates and promotions.
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What is a contact list?

Contact lists (or just 'lists') allow you to organise your contacts into groups, based on any criteria or categories you choose. Then, once you've created lists, you can easily access your lists to call or SMS your contacts individually, or can send text messages to all of the list at once (broadcast SMS).

How should I organise my lists?

The types of lists you create will depend on what you want to do with them, of course. But here are some examples of the types of lists you might create.

Bear in mind that the same contact can be on different lists at once.

Lead status

Lists like "Cold," "Warm," or "Hot" can be used to track where a potential customer is in the sales process.

Customer status

Lists such as "Active," "Inactive," or "Churned" can be used to track the current status of a customer.

Product interest

You can keep lists that group customers by the sorts of products or services that they buy. For example, "Lawns", "Hedge cutting", or "Garden products".

General interests

Lists like "Sports," "Travel," or "Cooking" can be used to track customer's general interests and preferences.

Opt-in offers list

Sometimes you might want to keep lists just for those customers who have asked (or consented) to be kept updated on special or last minute offers.


If your business serves different geographies, or has multiple locations, then you can create lists for customers by the main location you serve them from.

Birthday month

There are some clever ways of using lists too. For example, create lists for each month, and ask your customers what month their birthday is.

Add each customer to one of the lists, then send congratulations and a special offer at the start of the month as a birthday gift.

There are so many ways to use lists, and text messages are so personal.

How can you use lists?

Sending marketing messages

Businesses can use contact lists to send targeted text messages to their customers based on their preferences and purchase history.

Encouraging loyalty

Use lists to enroll customers in loyalty programs, offer discounts or special deals, and incentivise the customer to continue doing business with the company.

Research and analysis

By compiling lists of customers, you can keep track of how popular certain types of products or services are. Use lists as a simple way of counting interest in different areas of your business.

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