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Chalkboard separates work and life on your phone. Text customers, make calls and keep contacts organised in one place – all from your current phone.

Do you really want work contacts to know your personal mobile number? Chalkboard helps to separate business and personal on your phone, by giving you a second phone number for work.

✅ One phone, two numbers

✅ Text your customers, make and receive phone calls

✅ Send lots of messages at once with broadcasts

✅ Set your working hours so you can maintain the work/life balance

✅ Turn missed calls into opportunities with auto-reply

✅ Create customisable voicemails and receive voicemails and transcripts directly into your messages

✅ No commitment, ads, or extra costs – cancel anytime

Chalkboard is more than a second phone number for work; it’s all the tools you need to organise your customer communication and grow.

A 2nd line just for work
  • Make and receive work calls with your second number, keeping your personal number private without having to buy a new device.

  • Set your working hours to control which days/hours you receive calls and messages. Use voicemail and auto reply outside those times.

  • Customise the calling experience by creating voicemail greetings that suit your needs and never miss a beat with voicemail playback straight from your messages.

  • Choose your own local number (US) or mobile number (UK).

  • Always know when you’re getting a work call with our clear “Chalkboard” caller ID.

  • All calls are made using your internet connection over VoIP, for extra reliability and quality.

Easy communication with texting tools
  • Familiar chat interface for texting with your customers.

  • Send out broadcast messages to lots of people at once.

  • Each chat thread shows you a history of your interactions with that customer (reviews, messages, and calls).

Zero effort follow-ups with auto reply
  • Write an auto reply message that when activated, will send to anyone whose call you miss.

  • Whether you’re on holiday, enjoying some personal down time or simply want to filter calls to text conversations, you’ll never miss out on connecting with a customer.

Simple customer organisation
  • Keep your business contacts separate from your personal ones by importing them into the Chalkboard app.

  • Once imported, you can store all the data you need to manage your contacts in and keep track of the essential information with contact notes.

  • Block unwanted contact straight from messages or within your phonebook.

  • From there, you can sort them into lists by interest or preference.
    • Ex. A bakery might have a list for 'gluten-free customers’ who are looking for similar types of updates from you.

    • Lists activate our broadcast texting feature - send broadcast messages to entire lists at once.

How it works
  • Try the product for free, with full access to all of our features, for 7 days.

  • After that, we’re 9.99/mo. That’s about the cost of a coffee a week.

  • Regular feature drops, so your subscription should only get more valuable 👌

  • Available in the US and the UK. You’ll need an existing US or UK mobile number with an internet connection.

  • No hidden fees or cost add-ons. Everything’s included in our subscription.

  • Cancel anytime.

Anything else?

Any features you don’t see here that you’d like to? Let us know here.

Questions about the product? Have a look at our FAQs, or send us a note at [email protected]

See you in the app! ✌️

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