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Cloud-based phone systems are popular with small businesses. Why?

Cloud-based phone systems are proving more popular due to their flexibility, making them an attractive option for businesses with remote workers. Find out more about whether it’s a good option for your business
Cloud based phone systems small businesses

Increasingly, cloud-based phone systems for small businesses are gaining in popularity. It’s not difficult to understand why. As startups, freelancers and independent creatives are finding out, a legacy phone system just cannot compete with a cloud-based phone system.

Sometimes, a shift in technology can be so profound that there will be no going back to the old system. The shift toward cloud-based phone systems or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be compared to the shift from physical mail to email. This isn’t just a step forward – it’s a step into a whole new world.

Why are cloud-based phone systems popular with small businesses?

If you’re wondering whether you should shift to a cloud-based phone system for small businesses, the following advantages could be enough to convince you that it’s the right decision.

They’re easy to set up

Those who have landline phones in their offices know how complex the process can be. You have to put in an application, pay upfront for the device and then wait for the installation.

But a cloud-based phone system for businesses can be set up by merely downloading the app. It’s exceedingly easy to add a business line to your smartphone with VoIP.

They don’t need an additional device

A cloud-based phone system for small businesses is also called a ‘softphone’ because it’s software that can run on any connected device. You don’t have to buy an additional phone to make and receive calls.

You can make and receive calls from your existing smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can also use your hardphone device by adding an adapter to it.

They’re cost-effective

One of the reasons why small businesses are ditching their landlines for VoIP is that they’re extremely cost-effective. To begin with, you save on the money that you otherwise you would have spent on a new device.

A cloud-based phone system for small businesses also has lower monthly charges. Moreover, their subscription plans allow you to scale efficiently based on your business growth.

They’re made for remote work

To succeed in the remote world, you need a solution designed for that. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based phone system for small businesses is that it frees you from the office desk. You don’t have to be physically present in your office to make and receive calls.

If you spend a lot of time away from your desk, a cloud-based phone system is the right choice for you. You and your team members can work from homes or worksites and still be able to connect and use your virtual number to grow your business.

They come with business-friendly features

Some legacy phones might give you minimal business tools but none of them can match what a cloud-based phone system can offer. These are just some of the features that you can get from a cloud phone that will help you optimise your business communication:

Popular cloud-based providers

Google Voice

Easy to use, Google Voice is one of the most popular VoIP providers. If you use Google Workspace, this is a reasonable choice for your business since it easily integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar and Hangouts. But the service has limited customer support.


Designed for small businesses, WhatsApp Business has a few tools such as quick replies and automated messages that can help small businesses. You can share images, GIFs and videos with ease. But getting started on the platform can be a complicated process.


One of the earliest names in VoIP, Skype is now part of Microsoft. You can easily make both audio and video calls and share files. The app comes with instant messaging but doesn’t offer call routing, auto-attendant or voice answering.

Chalkboard: The best phone system for small businesses

If you’re looking for a cloud-based phone system for small businesses, Chalkboard should be a natural choice, because this second line for work comes with features that can help you grow.

Save money on outdated devices and instead, download Chalkboard. It’s a feature-rich cloud-based phone system ideal for small businesses. Are you ready to get started? 📲

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