Auto attendant

Auto-attendant routes calls to the right person or team, saving you and your customers time.
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What is auto attendant on a business phone system?

An auto attendant or IVR system (Interactive Voice Response) handles call routing for your business’s phone lines. It’s an automatic function that handles calls quickly and efficiently, routing calls to the best person to help answer customer questions.

Through auto attendant, callers are often presented with simple options such as ‘press 1 for X, press 2 for Y…’ and you can choose which hours you want your auto attendant to be active.

Why do businesses love an auto attendant?

📱 Efficient call handling

An auto-attendant can revolutionise the way you handle business calls. With the ability to customise greetings, menus and call routing options, callers can reach the right person or department with just a few simple prompts. No more being transferred around or getting stuck on hold. Plus, callers can access important information like business hours or location at any time, even outside of regular business hours.

🤝 Create a great first impression

An auto attendant is the secret weapon you need to make a lasting impression on your customers. It allows you to establish your business's credibility and create a professional image. From the moment a customer calls, you'll be making a positive first impression – and in today's competitive market, that can make all the difference.

🥇 Get ahead of the competition

Auto attendant is becoming an increasingly popular feature among businesses. Your business can stay ahead of the competition and improve your overall communications.

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