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Keep your real number private and easily text or call customers, all with a simple second number app.
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What is a second phone number for business?

A second number for business is an additional phone number that is used specifically for professional or business purposes. It allows you to separate your personal and work calls, texts and voicemails, making it easier to manage and maintain professional boundaries.

A second number for work can be used for marketing, customer service or any other business-related communication. Think of a second phone number as the secret weapon you’ve been searching for to separate your work and personal life!

Why get a second phone number?

Works on your existing phone

No need to get a new SIM card or carry two phones. Just install the app, choose your second phone number, and you can start texting and calling in minutes. You can even invite your team and share second phone numbers.

Never miss an opportunity

Switch on auto-reply to text back customers automatically if you miss their call. With the working hours feature, you can also choose the days and times that you want to receive calls and set up and auto-reply for when you're not working.

Maintain your privacy

You can keep your personal phone number private, avoiding work and spam calls on your main phone number. All without giving up the benefits of taking your work calls and messages on your mobile phone.

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Why use a second phone number for business?

Whether it’s a small business, a side project or a large-scale corporate job, you need to stay connected wherever you are. You need a second phone number for work.

You don’t want to share your personal number for work purposes though. Soon enough, customers will be calling you outside of your working hours and clients might feel as though they can call you during your time off.

When you get a work call or text outside of business hours, you often can’t go back to what you were doing. Your personal time just became business hours. As a business owner, you begin to think that you can’t just switch off.

But with a second phone number for business, you can.

If you are struggling to separate your work life from home, the good news is, Chalkboard has your back. Most modern smartphones can easily accommodate multiple phone numbers, allowing you to add a business line to your mobile phone, without having to buy another phone or any external hardware.

Instantly get second phone numbers for your team

Chalkboard gives you all the business phone number and messaging features you need, without a phone system.

No contracts, no SIM cards, and no configuration. Just install the app and go!

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The benefits of a second phone number for business

Separation of work and personal lives

Is your work taking over your personal life? We understand. No matter how big or small your business is, it's important to have some time to yourself to recharge and relax. But when you're using the same phone number for both work and personal calls, it can be hard to disconnect.

That's where having a separate business number comes in handy. With a business number, you can easily separate your work and personal life. All your work calls can go straight to voicemail on that number, leaving you free to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones without interruptions.

With a second number, you can finally separate your work and personal time.

Protection of privacy

If you use the same number for business and personal reasons, remember that you’re exposing your number to several unknown circles. Along with the expected spam, you’re also looking at privacy violations. There’s always the concern of people sharing your personal phone number without permission.

When you have a second phone number, you can easily share it with your customers without worrying about your privacy.

Streamline communications

Second-line apps such as Chalkboard come with a host of features that can help your business grow. But the key to making the most of your second number is to learn how to use those features to best benefit your business. Devise a strict routine of enabling auto-reply to missed calls when you finish for the day, for example.

Auto-reply text messages mean that when you receive a text, your second number app will immediately reply with preset information. This is a great way to save time and it allows you to share information about upcoming offers or sales with all customers at once.

The easy way to share phone numbers with your team

Chalkboard gives you all the business calling and messaging features you need, without a phone system.

Completely flexible

Text and call as a team with shared or private numbers. Flexible and simple.

Takes minutes to set up

No contracts, no phone system, no SIM cards, and no configuration. Just install the app and go!

All the features you need

Including missed call auto-reply, working hours, templates, and much more...

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FAQS: Second phone numbers

What is the purpose of a second phone number?

A virtual number for business can help to streamline communication and many second-line apps offer advanced features as standard. You can make calls and send instant messages on the go, or opt to use a variety of automation options that save time and valuable effort

How does a second phone line work?

Second phone number apps often use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. However, unlike other VoIP services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a second phone number company has a block of phone numbers that it can assign to its users.

Once you sign up for a second-line app, it will assign you one of its phone numbers. From the start, you can simply use that number like you would any other phone number, to make or receive phone calls and to send or receive SMS. When you call someone or send them an SMS, your second phone number appears on their phone. The caller has no idea that you're using a second phone number app.

Why is a second phone number good for business?

They allow you to set boundaries, ensuring that your personal life is free of professional intrusions.

They allow you to manage your business communication: You can organise all your business contacts in one place, which makes it easier to manage your professional communication.

They can help to safeguard your privacy: A second phone number will ensure that you don’t share your personal number with everyone. This limits the chances of any privacy violation through your private number.

You can create auto-responses: With a single phone number, you always have to be at your professional best, whatever the time of day. With a second phone number, you can direct routine queries to predetermined auto-replies.

Can you get a second line on an iPhone?

Carrying around a second phone to separate business from work is inconvenient and expensive – so chances are, you want to take advantage of the device that you're already carrying in your pocket. Thanks to apps such as Chalkboard offering virtual phone numbers, you can manage a business phone line from your iOS or Android device.

How do I add a second line to my iPhone?

Second-line apps sidestep your mobile provider, allowing you to easily add a second line to your iPhone without interfering with your main number. Chalkboard, for example, is a second-line mobile app that is available on the Apple App Store® (for iPhones®), or on Google Play (for Android phones such as Samsung or Huawei). Simply download the app to your phone and you can be up and running with a second phone number in minutes

Are second phone line apps safe?

Sharing your personal phone number for business purposes can put sensitive personal information at risk. Therefore, sharing a second number with new contacts is a good way to protect your privacy. A second phone number app that has a responsible data policy can keep your personal phone number private and contribute to your overall data security. Having a second phone number for business should not add to any of your privacy concerns. In fact, by using a second-line app for work, you are able to have a better handle on the information that you share.