Call routing

Route incoming calls, ensuring that your customers are always connected to the right person or team.

What is call routing?

Call routing software allows inbound calls to a single line – for example, your business's main number – or direct calls to any other phone line within your business. Inbound calls can route through a phone menu or interactive voice response (IVR) system to a team, department or a specific team member.

Call routing is useful for businesses looking to improve customer service and streamline their call-handling process.

The benefits of call routing

Improved customer service

Call routing ensures that incoming calls are directed to the right person or department, which improves the customer service experience.

Streamlined call handling process

Automatic call distribution (ACD) evenly distributes incoming calls, which streamlines the call handling process and ensures that no one person is overwhelmed with too many calls.

Increased efficiency

Call routing allows you to create custom routing rules based on time of day, caller ID or other criteria, which can increase the efficiency of your call-handling process.

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