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Google Voice vs Grasshopper: How do these phone systems compare?

As a small business owner, here's how to compare Google Voice versus Grasshopper and find the right virtual number for your needs
Google Voice vs Grasshopper

One is from a tech giant and the other has been around for a while. So, if you’re looking for a virtual number for your small business or startup, it is likely that you will end up comparing Google Voice and Grasshopper. While both have their distinct features, the primary consideration should be how they can add value to your business.

Before we get to an objective analysis of Google Voice versus Grasshopper, or discuss the merits of searching for Google Voice alternatives or Grasshopper alternatives, let’s first understand the contenders.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a virtual number that you can use to make and receive phone calls from any of your devices connected to the internet. From the features available on Google Voice, it’s clear that it is intended for ordinary (non-business) users.

The cloud-based app comes with voicemail greeting, auto-attendant and voicemail transcription. But do keep in mind that these features are available on most virtual number apps as part of the standard plan.

What makes Google Voice peculiar among other virtual number apps is that the ideal user is someone who regularly uses other apps from Google. If your business conducts most of its business through Google Workspace, then Google Voice could suit your needs.

What is Grasshopper?

As a Google Voice alternative, many users also research Grasshopper. One of the reasons for its popularity is that Grasshopper has been available since 2003. The service provides all the usual features you would expect from a virtual number.

You get SMS capability, call routing and voicemail with Grasshopper. Like with most top-rated virtual numbers, you can transfer your existing number through number porting.

In the initial stages, the app became popular because it was extremely cost-effective when compared to the traditional landlines.

Google Voice vs Grasshopper: How these business phone systems compare

A Google Voice versus Grasshopper comparison should begin with an analysis of the apps’ histories and their targeted users. That will help you understand why people are looking for Google Voice alternatives or Grasshopper alternatives.

Google Voice is for all users who are in the Google ecosystem. The app stands out due to its ease of use. Although this limits its functionality and features, almost all Google Workspace users will be easily able to use the app.

If your business uses Google apps for communication, organisation and meetings, you should consider the app. Depending on your plan, you can integrate the service with other apps like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Meet and Gmail. But if you use other apps for these services, Google Voice may not be the right choice for your business.

If your business needs only limited tools, Grasshopper is a worthy choice. The VoIP service gives you toll-free, vanity and local numbers to choose from. Once you download the app, you’ll be able to operate from any connected device.

Grasshopper allows you to have custom greetings. You can decide when to accept and direct calls. You also get to choose how long you want an incoming call to ring before it gets forwarded to another connected device. These features, while elementary, are suited for early-stage small businesses or freelancers with limited needs.

Pricing: Which is the most cost-effective for small businesses?

A Google Voice versus Grasshopper comparison shows that Google Voice is more budget-friendly. If you’re an individual user, the service comes with a free tier. Beyond that, there are three tiers, priced at $10, $20 and $30 per month.

Grasshopper doesn’t offer a free plan. The service has three paid plans, priced at $26, $44 and $80 per month.

Top features: Which is the most business-friendly – Google Voice or Grasshopper?

Comparing Google Voice and Grasshopper for business-friendly features shows that both offer similar features, but Grasshopper has an edge. Both the apps come with auto-attendant, customised voice greetings, business texting and voicemail-to-text. Google Voice also gives you a spam filter with a voice audit log.

Grasshopper allows you to choose vanity, local or toll-free numbers for your business. The service has an Instant Response or auto-reply feature that allows you to send pre-written messages. But for its price, Grasshopper has a narrow range of features for businesses.

Google Voice vs Grasshopper vs Chalkboard: Introducing your new business phone system

There’s a reason people are searching for both Google Voice alternatives and Grasshopper alternatives: These are legacy or stage one virtual numbers. A cursory Google Voice and Grasshopper comparison is enough to prove that these are not suited for businesses with growing demands.

For that, you need Chalkboard, a business phone system built for small businesses and startups. If you were to compare Chalkboard with Google Voice or with Grasshopper, you’ll realise that it’s not just a phone system but an advanced marketing tool for your business.

Here are some business-friendly features that make Chalkboard the perfect tool for small businesses, startups, freelancers, sole traders and independent creatives:

  1. Independent app: You don’t need to be part of any software or hardware ecosystem to use Chalkboard.

  2. Contact organisation: You can easily separate your business and personal contacts.

  3. Group broadcasts: No need to individually send messages to your customers. You can broadcast messages to entire groups.

  4. Highly affordable: Made for small businesses, Chalkboard is budget-friendly.

Start growing your business today with Chalkboard

Download Chalkboard today to give your business a top-rated virtual number that can automate marketing for your business. No other second number comes close to its features, ease of use or cost-effectiveness.

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While Google Voice has its advantages, it's time to consider some better alternatives if you run a small business or are a freelancer

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