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Chalkboard versus Grasshopper: A head-to-head comparison

Looking for Grasshopper app alternatives? This detailed comparison of Chalkboard and Grasshopper will help you choose the right virtual number for your business
Grasshopper app alternatives

If you’re in the market for a second phone number app, you will likely come across Grasshopper. The brand has great recall, especially among large enterprises. Before you make a decision, the wisest thing to do would be to find out about the best Grasshopper app alternatives, including Chalkboard.

As you learn more about the best second phone apps, you’ll realise that they can bring several benefits to your small business. But the trick is to choose the right one from the top second phone apps. This means, for example, that if you’re looking at Grasshopper, you’d be well-placed to consider Grasshopper app alternatives such as Chalkboard.

Chalkboard vs Grasshopper: At a glance

Grasshopper was one of the earliest entrants in the second phone app market. This explains the app’s popularity since there weren’t enough credible Grasshopper alternatives at that time. This meant that all businesses that wanted to use a virtual number had to choose between a limited number of brands and Grasshopper was one among them.

Compared to Grasshopper, Chalkboard is a recent entrant in the second phone app market. While this means that it had to face off against the larger players, it also made sure that Chalkboard had to focus on its strengths and serve a particular target market. That includes small business owners, freelancers and sole traders.

When to use Chalkboard

Chalkboard is for you if you’re a small business owner, startup team, freelancer or sole trader. Specifically, the app will suit you if you identify with any of the following situations:

  • You want to make the most of available resources

  • You don't have a large team

  • You work alone or have no team at all

  • You want to engage with every customer or client who calls you

  • You want to give the impression of being bigger than you truly are

  • You don’t want to waste money on investments or overheads

  • You have a remote team

  • You’re extremely conscious of how your business spends money

  • You want to be smart about your marketing without spending much

Chalkboard pros and cons

Focused on small businesses, freelancers and early-stage startups, Chalkboard offers several compelling advantages.

Chalkboard pros

Easy to set up: Download the app and you can start using your second phone number in minutes. There are no long contracts to go through.

No device needed: No need to spend on a new smartphone or a SIM. You can use Chalkboard on any of your connected devices.

Auto-reply: You can set pre-determined auto-reply messages to calls you miss. Now your callers will know why you missed their calls and when you’ll get back to them.

Affordable plans: Chalkboard understands the budgetary constraints of small businesses and freelancers and so has exceptionally affordable plans, with a free trial.

Chalkboard cons

No international calls: You can’t make international calls with Chalkboard. This could be a problem if you have several international customers or clients.

No desktop version: The app doesn’t have a desktop or web version yet.

Only one number: Users can’t get more than one second number. However, with team numbers you can easily share phone number with team members.

Chalkboard pricing

You can begin using the app with a free trial and then choose from its affordable subscription plan. There are no hidden costs and you can cancel anytime.

Why Chalkboard is better for small business owners and startups

If you’re looking for Grasshopper app alternatives, Chalkboard is one of the smarter and more credible ones in the market. It’s technologically advanced, affordable and comes with enhanced features that go beyond mere business communication.

Importantly, what you get isn’t just an advanced digital phone system. You also get an automated marketing tool that will help build your brand’s online reputation. All savvy digital marketers know that managing online reputation is key to growth and sustained profits.

When to use Grasshopper

If you’re an established business with complex communication needs and no budgetary constraints, Grasshopper could be your choice. Ideally, it would suit you if yours is a medium-sized enterprise with large teams. The fact that it easily integrates with several project management apps is a significant advantage that will suit remotely placed teams.

The app is easy to set up and users have found it to be highly intuitive. The fact that it also has a desktop version goes very well with employees who need a computer to access the system.

Grasshopper pros and cons

Grasshopper pros

Greetings: You can customise your greetings, which will help you build your brand equity.

Portability: Grasshopper allows you to port your existing number.

Call forwarding: The app lets you forward your calls, something that will suit remote workers.

Voicemail transcription: Grasshopper transcribes voicemails and then sends them as emails.

Grasshopper cons

Expensive: The app could prove expensive for small businesses, startups and freelancers.

Spam: Grasshopper’s spam filter seems to be weak, which can lead to crowded inboxes.

Complicated: Some users have had to pay extra for multiple phones to ring. Their access levels can also be confusing for small businesses.

Grasshopper pricing

After a seven-day free trial, the plans start at £19.60 per month.

Chalkboard: The best alternative to Grasshopper

If you’re looking for a feature-rich option among Grasshopper app alternatives, the smarter choice is Chalkboard. It’s built for the needs and sensitivities of small businesses and freelancers. Exceptionally easy to use, it’s affordable and rich with business-friendly features. Plus, with auto-reply, you can finally have that work-life balance.

So, sign up and discover why small businesses and startups are wise to choose Chalkboard over Grasshopper.

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