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Business working remotely? Update your small business phone system

As a small business owner, it's time to update your business phone system based on the needs of remote work
Business phone system for remote working

Even after the pandemic restrictions are lessened, some of the changes will stay with us. For several small businesses, the future could be remote or hybrid work. This calls for an overhaul of the traditional office infrastructure including the business phone system.

Most businesses that have gone remote have ditched the legacy landlines because the new reality needs a new business phone system such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or a second phone number app. In other words, location-based phones are on the way out and cloud-based business phone systems are in.

What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system uses the internet to make and receive calls. There’s no need for a physical phone that binds you to a location. This makes it the perfect solution for remote work since it’s location-neutral and no new hardware has to be installed at the employees’ homes.

Just like with any digital application that’s based in the cloud, you’ll be able to use it from any connected device. For example, you can check your email from any laptop, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Similarly, as long as you have the necessary app, you can use your cloud-based phone system from any device.

Cloud-based phone systems are becoming popular with small businesses because they deliver significant advantages.

How second line apps benefit small businesses

As several startups have found out, by switching to one of the best business phone systems like Chalkboard, you will benefit in the following ways:


A landline is useful only if you’re next to it. A non-fixed VoIP or virtual number will work whether you’re at the office, home or outside with a client. This significantly improves collaboration and also ensures that your customers can easily reach your team.


Since it’s essentially an app, there’s no need to buy a new device or expensive hardware. All you’ve got to do is download the app. Plus, second phone number apps have affordable plans and low monthly fees.

Business tools

With a cloud-based business phone system, you’ll get enhanced business features like call forwarding, call routing, automatic recording, auto-attendants and one-click conference calls. With Chalkboard, you will also get advanced messaging features for conversational marketing.

Centralised communication

A cloud-based business phone system will give you a centralised platform for all your business communication. This makes it easy to track and manage your calls to improve productivity, collaboration and customer service even when all the members are in different locations.

Easily scalable

Another major advantage of a cloud-based business phone system is that you can scale it as your business grows. Top-rated virtual apps like Chalkboard offer you a free trial and affordable plans.

Adapting for the future: Time to change your business phone system

So, why should you get a cloud-based phone system like Chalkboard? Because, unlike traditional phones, it’s a solution made for the demands of remote work, omnichannel marketing and 24/7 customer engagement.

There’s another way to look at it. You should consider changing your business phone system to Chalkboard if you want to:

  • Cut down on operational costs

  • Save on rent and utility bills by going fully or partially remote

  • Reach out to more customers

  • Organise your contacts in a better way

  • Market your products and services to groups of consumers

  • Keep the conversation going even when you can’t answer calls

  • Give easier access to your customers

  • Know how many calls you get and how well they’re answered

  • Work with the best talent even if they’re remotely placed

  • Make your business seem professional and credible

  • Achieve a better work-life balance

Chalkboard is a second phone number that’s easy to set up and has affordable plans and a free trial. This virtual number has everything from auto-reply to broadcast SMS to optimise your communication and grow your business. Importantly, it has excellent customer support that understands the demands of small businesses.

Download Chalkboard today. This is a business phone system designed to help small businesses thrive in the remote world.

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