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Non-fixed VoIP: The future of your business | The benefits and how to get started

With a non-fixed VoIP number, you get a next-generation phone number that can immensely benefit your business
Non-fixed VoIP number

Modern businesses need modern solutions. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one such communication tool that’s encouraging both small and large businesses to ditch their traditional phone lines. But some people may not know that there are two kinds of VoIP numbers: fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers.

What is a non-fixed VoIP phone number?

VoIP has been around for a while now. A VoIP number is a telephone number assigned to a user, but not to a specific phone line. A non-fixed VoIP number isn't attached to a physical address or limited to a location.

A non-fixed VoIP number, also called a virtual number, isn’t tied to any particular device either. While it makes and receives phone calls over the internet, you’re free to do it from any connected device. Instead of a device or a location, the non-fixed VoIP number is given to an individual user or a firm.

How does non-fixed VoIP work?

With a non-fixed VoIP number, you can get a phone number independent of the location of your business. You don’t have to give an office address like you would have to if you were applying for a traditional landline or fixed phone number. Unlike mobile phones, you don’t have to worry about getting a SIM either.

Since it works over the internet, what you get is a number that you can use from any connected device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. These portable virtual numbers are highly useful for businesses with remote team members or those with international customers.

It would help to think of it in terms of the ordinary postal service and email. For the traditional postal or courier service, you need an address and all correspondence is directed to that place. But with email, once you download the app, you can use it wherever you are.

Similarly, once you download a virtual number like Chalkboard, you get a non-fixed VoIP number that you can use from anywhere. The additional functionalities of a virtual number make it a must-have for a highly mobile and remote world.

The benefits of non-fixed VoIP phone numbers

Once businesses shift to non-fixed VoIP phone numbers, they rarely go back to their other systems. That’s because these numbers offer numerous benefits both at a professional and personal level.

Easy to set up

Remember when we mentioned email? A non-fixed VoIP number is as easy to set up. You don’t have to provide documentation, wait for verification or pay for any hardware. Download the app, select the subscription plan that suits your business (or take advantage of a free trial) and you have a virtual number for your business.


A non-fixed VoIP number can be used as an additional number exclusively for work. This way, you get to protect your personal number. You don’t have to needlessly share it with potential customers or use it as a customer support number. That will protect you from spam and robocalls.


You or your team members don’t have to be in a physical location to take phone calls. With a non-fixed VoIP number, customers will be able to reach you on your connected device and they wouldn’t know that you’re not in the office. You can also direct calls to team members, which will significantly boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

No additional device needed

You don’t need to buy an additional device or hardware to use a non-fixed VoIP number. Download the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you can start using the number. This saves you both money and effort when you consider the expenses of a new device for your whole team.

Contact organisation

Top-rated virtual number apps will let you organise your business contacts separately. This makes it easy to find your customers and send business texts to them. Once you learn how to write an effective mass text message, this can be a highly successful way to convert leads.

Why you should consider using a non-fixed VoIP system for your business

The traditional landlines and PBX systems were made for the demands of a different era. Both businesses and consumers have gone mobile and remote now. To effectively reach your customers and team members, what you need is a VoIP number. But what’s better than ordinary VoIP is a non-fixed VoIP number for your business.

This is the age of digital-first consumers what businesses need is a digital solution. A non-fixed VoIP system is precisely such a business tool. It lets you be mobile, allows you to cut costs, and distribute work more productively among your team members.

Looking for a new business phone number? Try Chalkboard today

In the same way personal texting and business SMS are different, personal virtual numbers and business virtual numbers are also different. Chalkboard is a non-fixed VoIP number that’s designed for business use. It gives you an additional number without having to buy a new device and offers several affordable subscription plans that save you money every month.

Importantly, it has business tools that will help you engage better with your customers. With auto-reply, you can set customised messages for calls you would miss.

All of which makes Chalkboard a virtual number and an automated marketing tool for your business. Sign up today and discover all the value-added features that can grow your business.

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