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WhatsApp Business: A great way to reach new customers

If you’re a small business, WhatsApp Business is a top channel for you to engage with customers. Here’s why
WhatsApp phone number for business

For businesses, there are several platforms and channels for marketing and customer engagement. But there’s only one platform that was built specifically for the needs of small businesses. That’s WhatsApp Business. With a WhatsApp phone number for business, you can reach new customers and improve your customer engagement cost-effectively.

In other words, as you learn more about WhatsApp Business, you’ll realise that it’s what every small business needs. But in all likelihood, you’re already a WhatsApp user. So you might have a genuine question on your mind.

Why use WhatsApp Business instead of the regular WhatsApp?

For starters, the regular WhatsApp is for communication between individuals. You can share text messages, images, audio clips, videos, attach files and share your location, amongst other things.

It’s important to remember that the regular WhatsApp version is for individuals who would otherwise know each other. There’s no need to verify each other’s identity because you would already know the other individual or individuals in a group.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Business is for small businesses that want to interact with their customers. In effect, it’s between two parties who may not otherwise communicate with each other.

That’s why WhatsApp Business requires small businesses to verify their account and set up their profile. Now a customer would know that they’re talking to the real business.

Secondly, with a WhatsApp phone number for business, you’ll get several tools that the regular version doesn’t have. If you use 'normal' WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, you wouldn’t have ‘Broadcast Lists’ or labels, for example.

How to reach your audience via WhatsApp Business

With over two billion users and 100 billion messages sent every day, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the biggest communication platform on the planet. The easiest way to reach them is through WhatsApp Business. A whopping 175 million communicate with business accounts every day on the platform.

No wonder then that the app has been downloaded 16 million times in September 2021 alone.

To reach your target audience, you need to include your WhatsApp phone number for business in all your communication. You should include that on your website, social media channels, emails, storefronts, SMS etc.

You should clearly communicate that it’s the fastest way to get a response from your business. Your audience should know that it’s your customer support number for queries about their orders, delivery status, complaints etc. You should also convey that it’s the easiest way to know about your new products and special offers.

What can WhatsApp Business offer your small business?

Customer service: If your customers have a problem, all they’ve got to do is send a simple text through a platform they use several times a day. Through auto-replies that you set, they will immediately get a response.

Market research: Need to know which version of a product to launch? Or whether you can offer value-added services at an extra cost? Ask your audience on WhatsApp Business. Through their feedback on existing products, you’ll also know which ones are working and which are not.

Marketing communication: Want to launch a new product or an offer? Unlike emails or messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business has an open rate of around 80 per cent. So, it’s fast, easy and effective.

Using a second-line app with WhatsApp Business

You would need a dedicated WhatsApp phone number for business. You can’t use any number that you may have previously used on WhatsApp. This is where you should consider using a second-line app for WhatsApp Business as it offers several advantages:

No additional device needed: You don’t have to buy a new phone since it’s an app that can work on your current phone, computer and tablet.

Synergy with WhatsApp Business: You can use your new WhatsApp phone number for business to interact with your customers on WhatsApp Business. You can use the same number to receive work-related calls and messages.

Auto-reply for missed calls: Just like WhatsApp Business, your second-line app number will enable you to create auto-replies for missed calls.

Work-life balance: With the auto-reply feature, you won’t have to take calls when you’re with your family or friends. This will enable you to finally separate your work and personal lives.

👉 Check out our guide to using a Chalkboard number with WhatsApp Business.

In short

With a WhatsApp phone number for business, you’ll be giving a significant boost to your marketing and customer service. To get the best of both worlds, it makes sense to use it with a second-line app.

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