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How to turn your missed calls into business opportunities
Everything a business owner needs to know to reduce their missed business calls and turn them into opportunities
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For any business, missed calls are missed opportunities. It could have been a potential client or customer who needed their queries addressed immediately. But since you were occupied, those queries went unanswered. A second phone line app for business is an effective solution to have fewer missed business calls.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to know the importance of missed calls. These days, whenever you come out of a movie or a meeting, that’s one of the first things you check – whether someone has called or texted you. But a second line for work will ensure that while you may have missed the call, the client or customer knows that you’ll be getting back to them as soon as possible.

The cost of missed calls

  • Potential sales: That call could have been from a new customer or client who was in a hurry. Beyond a missed call, it’s missed sales and revenue for your business.

  • Customer dissatisfaction: When a customer or client calls you, it could be to seek redressal. They may already be discontented with your product or service and a missed call may make it worse, forcing them to stop doing business with you.

  • Looks unprofessional: Not hearing from you or your team can feel deeply unprofessional to a client. This will stop them from giving you further business and make them question your commitment.

  • Negative reputation: Customers don’t call or text each other if they’re dissatisfied with your services. They’ll take it online and leave a negative review, which will damage your brand reputation.

  • Regulatory issues: What if it’s someone from a regulatory authority who needs to immediately get in touch with you? Missed calls can mean a loss of business and even regulatory problems.

How to reduce missed calls the conventional way

Every day, businesses miss out on potential sales and growth opportunities due to missed business calls. However, with some organisational changes and the right tech, you can significantly reduce the instances of those missed opportunities.

  • Dedicated resources: You could dedicate someone to attend to all business calls. This frees you from the need to share your personal number with customers and clients.

  • Call centre: You could think bigger and enlist the services of a call centre, whether within your business country or further afield. You can train them on the business responses to common queries and integrate them with your internal systems. This will help them know the status of orders or payments, for example.

  • Email: Another way is to rely on email for your communication. You should convey to customers, clients and business associates that they should use email to get in touch with you.

  • Texts: SMS is a proven medium to increase the effectiveness of your business communication. Text messages are fast, simple and have a high open-rate. Instead of getting caught up in missed calls, you can activate and automate text messaging to communicate relevant information to customers.

Second phone line apps: How to reduce missed calls the tech way

Web-based phone lines are a technology-enabled solution for business owners to reduce their missed calls. These second phone line apps for businesses are easy to set up, inexpensive and feature-rich. As a business owner, you should consider a second line app for work not just for the problems it solves but the additional advantages it provides.

  • Call forwarding: If you’re busy and can’t answer the phone, the app can forward the call to a predetermined response. So, if a client can’t reach you directly regarding a query about an invoice, they’ll be able to contact someone in accounting (for example) and get immediate clarification.

  • Voicemail to text: If a client or customer wants to contact you urgently but can’t reach you, they’ll be able to leave a voicemail. But what makes a second phone line app intuitive and effective is its ability to send a text-based on the voicemail. The app will send that text to you or others in your business who need to see it. If a consignment is late and the vendor can’t get through to you, the text of their message will reach you and others.

  • Auto-reply texts: Sometimes, you don’t need to manually clarify things. You could automate the response and save time for you and others. A second phone line app for business can enable you to create auto-reply texts to common queries. For example, if a customer wants to know about your opening hours or returns policy, you can set up auto-reply texts to quickly answer these common queries.

  • Professional response: Among the many reasons you should consider a second phone line, one of the most important is that it adds a professional touch to your business. When clients and customers know that their queries can get quick answers or be routed to other team members, they’ll trust you more. That can increase your average customer lifetime value.

Get started in minutes

Customers may consider missed work calls a sign of inexperienced, hurried business operations. With a second phone line app for business, there’ll be fewer missed business calls and missed opportunities. The best part? You can get started in a matter of minutes and give your business a highly professional makeover.


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