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Why set up a second phone number for business?
Why small business owners should have a second number from the same phone to separate their personal and business lives
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You could be at your child’s school play or out with your spouse for a nice dinner. Just when you’re ready to be present and enjoy the moment, your phone rings. It’s a client or customer of your local business. They needed to discuss something urgently and had to call you. That’s when you realise the need for a second phone number for your business.

When you get a call or text like that, you can’t go back to what you were doing. The issue they raised would be at the back of your mind until you got a chance to complete the task. Your personal time just became business hours. As a local business owner, you realise that you can’t just switch off.

But with a second phone number for business, you can.

What is a second phone number for business?

As the name suggests, it’s a phone number that you can exclusively use for all your business calls and texts. That’s the number you can give out to customers and clients. Your website, Google My Business profile, social media pages, business cards and all other collateral will have that business phone number.

Here’s the most important thing to remember about your second number: you don’t need a second phone. You can use a phone line app on your phone and activate your business number.

Why local business owners might need to get one

All local and independent businesses need a second phone number for business. To begin with, it makes your operation look professional.

Also, as a local business owner, you may not have a personal assistant or an automated answering system to take care of your business when you’re busy. With a second phone number for business, you get that and several other benefits.

The advantages of a second phone number for business

Separation of work and personal lives

No matter what stage of growth your business is in, you need personal space to recover and recuperate from all the pressures of the office. You can’t efficiently do that if you’re always available for business calls and texts. With a single number, that’s exactly what you’ll end up doing.

With a business number, you can finally separate your work and personal time. You can now direct all calls to your voicemail on the second number. You’ll be undisturbed and able to spend meaningful time with your family and friends.


If you use the same number for business and personal reasons, remember that you’re exposing your number to several unknown circles. Along with the expected spam, you’re also looking at privacy violations. There’s always the concern of people sharing your personal phone number without permission.

When you have a second phone number, you can easily share it with your clients or customers without worrying about your privacy. In fact, there are several ways in which you can use your business number to enhance your privacy.


It isn’t the monopoly of big businesses or multinational chains. You can also use the power of automation to make your professional life easier. This is another reason why you should consider getting a second phone line app instead of getting a new number from your provider.

After all, with two phones, you’re only doubling your problems. But a second number through an app gives you several opportunities to automate your business phone system.

Voicemail system: Not all calls need to be answered by you. Your voicemail system can add a layer whereby the caller will have to press a digit to get through to you. This is necessary as you expand your business and may not have adequate time to talk to all clients or customers.

When you use a second phone app, you’d also have the freedom to limit the number of calls that get forwarded to you.

Answering system: With an answering system that can greet your callers, you’ll make your phone system look completely professional. You can also direct calls through a voice menu and if need be, route them to the concerned team, such as customer service.

This frees you from the need to pick up the call especially if it’s an issue that can be resolved by somebody else.

In short

You don’t run a local, independent business merely to grow professionally. You run it to improve your quality of life. By separating your professional and personal lives, by making your business look and feel more professional and by enhancing your privacy, that’s exactly what a second phone number for your business can give you.


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