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The benefits of using a business answering service

Why you should use a business answering service to increase productivity and professionalise business communication
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Why do you need a business answering service? Put simply: because you can’t always be there to take the calls. As a business owner or manager, chances are that you’re expected to be in charge of everything that happens in your business. Maybe it worked when you first started the business, but not anymore. With the number of calls that come in and the responsibilities on your shoulders, a small business needs a business answering service to respond to customers and clients. Here are five clear benefits if you’re thinking about getting a business answering service.

5 benefits of a business answering service

Welcome clients professionally

When you’re free, available, and in the right frame of mind, you’ll professionally greet your clients and customers. But what happens when you’re in the middle of a meeting or driving? If you take the call, you might sound preoccupied, or agitated. That doesn’t sound good for business.

But your callers will get a standardised greeting when you use a business answering service. The quality will be constant, professional and customised to the brand identity of your business.

No more missed opportunities

Business doesn’t stop just because you are unavailable, on holiday, or with your family. If it’s an international client or customer, it could also come in the middle of the night. An opportunity could come when you least expect it and with a business answering service, your business will be able to receive it.

With a business answering service, the caller will know that you are busy and get the necessary information on what to do next. If you opt for a second number for work, you’ll also get value-added features such as the ability to customise auto-reply texts.

Improve productivity

You could be developing your product, fixing a bug, or having a crucial meeting and the phone might ring. You take the call, address the caller’s queries and come back to whatever you were doing early. But your focus has gone.

These constant interruptions kill efficiency. It ensures that you can never concentrate on the task at hand. It also wastes the time of the team members you may have been talking to. All because you don’t have a business answering service.

Better customer service

A customer who ordered from your fast food service wants to complain that the order is delayed or that the restaurant sent the wrong dish. They want answers now and can’t wait until you’re free from your friend’s wedding.

If you have a business answering service, they won’t have to trouble you. They can call that number, and be routed to someone at the restaurant. An after-hours phone service could make it even more effective. Your customers can be given an interactive menu to give their order number for an immediate callback.

Reduce overheads

It’s quite simple. When your answering service is outsourced or better still, automated, you don’t have to employ someone to manage your phones. Remember that even if you do have a receptionist, they won’t be able to work 24/7.

This is why you should consider getting a business answering service, or a more effective solution, a second phone number for work. With apps such as Chalkboard, you can enjoy features that will improve your efficiency. You can set up auto-reply texts to missed calls, plus you don’t have to get any additional hardware. No need for a second phone as you only have to download the app.

You save on the overheads on salaries and equipment while improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

In short

A business answering service is a professional interface for your business. While you could outsource it to a call centre, a more productive decision is to get a second phone number for work.

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