The premium second phone line app, without the premium price tag

The all-in-one mobile solution, designed for business on the go, with powerful features and one low cost monthly subscription.
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Get started in seconds ⏱️, it's as simple as 1,2,3...

Select a number type that meets your business needs, choose from thousands of available phone numbers and share them with your team.

1. Pick your perfect number

Choose from thousands of available numbers, with instant connection and share them with your team.

2. Select your feature plan

Chalkboard comes packed with a host of features designed to make business run smoothly - choose your features, or upgrade in the app at any time.

3. Invite your team

No expensive 'per seat' charges, inviting your team to Chalkboard takes seconds and you can share numbers, calls and messages.

Virtual phone numbers, fit for every business's needs 📱

  • Make and receive unlimited calls
  • Send and receive unlimited texts
  • Unlimited forwarding/divert of incoming calls
  • Invite unlimited users to share
  • Free instant activation Just install the app on your phone
£ 9.99 99p for your first month + VAT  / number / month 
  • Make and receive unlimited calls
  • Unlimited forwarding/divert of incoming calls
  • Invite unlimited users to share
  • Free instant activation Just install the app on your phone
£ 6.99 99p for your first month + VAT  / number / month 
  • Perfect for messaging through WhatsApp
  • Receive unlimited calls
  • Receive unlimited texts
  • Invite unlimited users to share
  • Free instant activation Just install the app on your phone
£ 4.99 + VAT  / number / month 
  • Make and receive unlimited calls Unlimited inbound freephone calls
  • Unlimited forwarding/divert of incoming calls
  • Invite unlimited users to share
  • Free instant activation Just install the app on your phone
£ 14.99 + VAT  / number / month 
  • National presence Not tied to a local area code
  • Make and receive unlimited calls
  • Unlimited forwarding/divert of incoming calls
  • Invite unlimited users to share
  • Free instant activation Just install the app on your phone
£ 6.99 + VAT  / number / month 

Fancy 50% off all your phone numbers, for the first month? 🤔

Drop us an email at [email protected] and a member of the team will reach out with details.

Create virtual phone numbers, on demand

Personalise them in seconds, share them with your team or keep them private.

Add or remove numbers whenever you need, with just a few taps.

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Then switch between them, seamlessly 👌

One smart switcher, all of your business numbers.

See all notifications per number and switch between numbers in seconds - it's like having multiple phones in your pocket, in one device.


Packed full of powerful features 💪

With feature plans and number pricing designed to replace expensive, complicated phone systems.


Turn missed calls into conversions by automatically replying to missed calls, or calls received outside of working hours with a custom text message.

Auto reply

Broadcast messages 📣

Organise your contacts into lists, then use our powerhouse broadcast feature to send multiple messages, without having to send messages individually.

Send to List Hero

Designed to make communication and collaboration easier 🙌

Everything your team needs in one place to focus on what's important, whilst still getting the message across.

Add more to conversations

Send and receive photos, videos, documents, contacts, and voice notes.

And remove from them, anytime

Forward messages to contacts saved in your phonebook, or delete messages and media entirely - stay on top of threads your way.

Create templates

Simplify repetitive typing and gain consistency with frequent replies by creating and sharing templates with the team.

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Messages or Home

One workspace, multiple inboxes 📥

The whole team can share text messages too. Just invite them to a number, and they'll see a shared inbox of text messages.

All history with the contact is available in one, clear, central thread.

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Message threads, with detail in mind

See all your conversation history in one, centralised view.

All voicemails, call recordings, broadcast messages and auto-reply responses are found in one easy-to-navigate place, designed with simplicity in mind.

Share calls amongst the team and always see who answered 👀

When a call comes in, any members of your team who have been added to a number can pick up. Share the burden of taking calls and always see who answered straight from the app.

It works the same for making calls. Anyone invited to a number can make a call from the number.


Features designed to help make managing and sharing contacts a breeze

Keep them private, share them with other users or everyone with access to a number - the choice is yours 👌

Phonebook Small Lozenge
One centralised team phonebook

Manage your sharing preferences straight from Chalkboard and use it like a pocket-sized team database. You'll never need to mix personal and work contacts again.

Contact Small Lozenge
Add notes and data to contacts

Store numbers, addresses, notes, dates, and more, against each contact. Organise contacts into lists and treat each contact like a VIP.

Block contact Small Lozenge
Block unwanted contact

Remove unnecessary distractions in seconds and block a contact in just a few taps freeing your team to focus on whats really important.

Create custom lists, designed to help categorise your contacts your way

Treat every contact like a VIP by creating lists based specifically on your business relationship with them, then send custom messages via the broadcast feature.


One subscription, crammed with calling features 🤙

All designed to give you flexibility in how you make and receive calls and follow up after.

Call recording, simplified

For those moments where you need to capture and store important information from calls, we've got you covered.

With call recording, you can enable to auto-record all incoming and outgoing calls, meaning consistency with calls across your entire team.

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Call greeting

Record or upload a greeting that plays before each call is connected and provide your callers with key information about your business or announce that calls are recorded, before the call connects with your team.

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Voicemail, with transcripts

Record or upload custom voicemail greetings that your callers will hear when you miss a call or a call is received out-of-hours and play back straight from your messages, or read your voicemails on the go with transcription.

With voicemail, you're able to stay in the loop, even when briefly, you were out of it.

Voicemail to text

Optional extras, without the extra cost

Designed to provide you and your team options around how to handle calls, or when to remove yourself from them entirely.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding

For those moments where no-ones around to take a call, you can seamlessly forward calls to another number, including numbers outside of Chalkboard.

DND Mode Black

Do not disturb mode

Designed with simplicity in mind, take yourself out of the notifications loop and focus on that all-important coffee break ☕

Puts you in control as a business owner

Chalkboard makes it easy to keep track of your team communications and customer data, all in one app.
Message Hidden Compact
Avoid having data siloed on team phones

You're always within reach of every call, message, and contact, should you need to be. They're not stranded on your team's personal phones.

Tap to Remove Compact
Revoke access when you need to

You can revoke access for a team member remotely, and still keep access to their virtual number, messages and contacts.

Unlocked Compact
Designed with privacy in mind

Privacy regulations are tougher than ever. Chalkboard helps keep everything together, and makes it easy to delete data when needed.

Features designed to help with the work/life balance ⚖️

Working hours, per number

Set your team's working hours for each number then automatically send callers to voicemail, or auto-reply outside those times - think of it like your shop's opening hours.

Team personal hours

With personal hours, your team can add their shift/working pattern, and only receive calls inside the numbers working hours and their own personal hours.

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Supercharge your subscription with Pro 🚀

With our Pro plan, you'll have access to all of our existing and upcoming premium features, the instant they drop.

How do businesses use Chalkboard?

Phone illustration

Replacement for work phones. Use Chalkboard instead of assigning your team physical work phones. Avoid the pitfalls of letting your team use their own phones for work.

Replacement for work phones

Instead of a phone system. Phone systems tie your team to desks and can be complicated to configure. Chalkboard is the simpler alternative to clunky old phone systems.

Instead of a phone system

Read some of our latest, excellent reviews from genuine users

8 Jan 2023

The under appreciated 2nd SIM Alternative!

Using Chalkboard is intuitive and it's speedy when it comes to talking / sending-receiving texts. I personally use this as an alternative to getting a second sim because my sim tray is broken. Now I have access to multi-sim functionality without the extra cost of buying a new phone!

Thank you Chalkboard!

8 Jul 2023

Well worth the investment

I've been using Chalkboard for quite some time now. I am grateful for such an amazing application for a low monthly cost that lets me utilise a separate business phone number for customer's phone calls and texting.

7 Jul 2024

Best UK 2nd phone line for small businesses

Tried so many different telephone apps for my business and this is hands down the best one I’ve come across for the UK. Customer service is also so good, and they’ve helped us with several queries super quickly. Their update earlier this year also was very appreciated and the app works perfectly for my small team to help answer customer’s calls.

Rob Wellstead
7 Nov 2024

Excellent service

Excellent service, we use it for our small business and the ability to share one number with three people is fantastic. Great support desk and very prompt and efficient service.

Abdul Kayani
7 Jun 2023

Simply amazing and cool app

Very intuitive and easy to use. This is the app that stands out from the crowd. A fantastic app for having a separate number for business purposes. Tried so many other apps but finally chose this due to no ads and no hiccups and no issues. Works great with clean interface. Highly recommend this app!

Rocky Mountain Maines
6 Feb 2025

Simple Excellence Acheived

I use Chalkboard for my solo artist salon. I love it because I do not have to share my personal number with guests, and can keep professional boundaries.

I have had to contact Chalkboard several times regarding the A2P 10DLC that is required for business professionals to have by law.

I can not thank you enough. After 15+ years in the service industry, I am fully aware of the importance of excellent customer service, and this company takes it to the extra level. I can honestly say that I have never worked with a team that is so customer service driven and professional. Every single person I have worked with has been kind, helpful, responsive, understanding, knowledgeable, and incredibly attentive. They genuinely want to see you succeed.

Mark Hufford
6 Dec 2024

Great for small business

Chalkboard is saving my small business hundreds of dollars per year! I recently switched over from Google Voice and have been very satisfied. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is because they don't have a web version of their app - it only runs in native apps on iPhone and Android. The majority of my business is done from a desk, so a web version is a must for me. That said, the savings made it worth leaving Google Voice.

Amanda Newell
4 Jan 2023

Great tool for small business owners

Incredibly easy to set up, with the ability to broadcast to specific lists of contacts (think mailing list, current/past clients).

Simple, clean interface that has everything you need. I really love the ability to set up a number of automated voicemails/messages, with the ability to create ones for outside of your working hours, holidays etc.

My only issue sometimes is a delay/absence of notifications coming through of new calls or messages

4 May 2023

Fantastic app!

The Chalkboard app is perfect for anybody who liaises with customers/ clients/ colleagues etc.. and wants to keep their personal number separate.

The team work hard to bring out new features regularly and is always looking to improve the app for their users.

Donna P
3 Jul 2025

Great Business Phone/Text App

No lag, response time is great! Does what it say. Highly recommend.

3 Mar 2025

Amazing Customer Service

The customer service for Chalkboard has been outstanding - I've always received an answer in less than 24 hours and their team has always been eager to help me. My problem or question has always been solved or answered even if it was something I couldn't do. Their team has been happy to help even if it meant working on the back end for something for our small business.

2 Apr 2023

Great, simple to use system

Great, simple to use system that has given me the additional mobile number I needed!

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