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VoIP texting: What it is and how it works

There's more to VoIP than calls. Learn how you can use VoIP texting to grow your business
VoIP texting

Even business owners who have heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology might not be aware of VoIP texting. Similar to calls over the internet, VoIP also enables businesses to engage with their customers through VoIP texting.

In this guide to VoIP texting, we’ll understand how it works, how it’s different from the traditional SMS and, importantly, how businesses can use VoIP texting to improve their sales and customer service.

What is VoIP texting?

Texting is conventionally assigned to a device. But in VoIP texting, it’s assigned to a user who can send texts over the internet. Unlike phone-to-phone texting, VoIP texting allows users to exchange text messages between any connected devices.

VoIP texting gives all the features of traditional SMS and much more. You can add a new number that you can use exclusively for work. You can upload and text contacts once you get their permission.

Businesses can also add multiple teammates and numbers to their VoIP phone account and send mass texts to groups of customers or have individual chats with them. In other words, you don’t just get traditional texting capabilities from a VoIP phone number. VoIP gives you empowered business texting.

How does VoIP texting work?

VoIP texting adds SMS capability to any connected device, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The recipient won’t know that it’s a VoIP text. It will look like just another text from an ordinary phone. But it empowers the user to utilise the power of texting through the internet.

To make VoIP texting work for your business, you have to create an account from a VoIP provider and download their app on a connected device. After that, you can start texting from the app, just like you would on your mobile phone’s SMS app. The texts won’t be deducted from your mobile plan since you’ll be using the internet.

How businesses use VoIP texting

There’s a reason why we refer to VoIP texting as empowered business texting. It empowers businesses to engage with their audience through their preferred medium and improve customer acquisition, retention and engagement in these ways.

VoIP texting for marketing

Launching a new product? Got a limited-time offer? Opening a new location? When compared to email, texting is a superior medium to inform customers of these new developments. It’s immediate, easy to consume and short-form, which will help to increase audience engagement.

VoIP texting for sales

Texting is one of the easiest ways to reach out to and convert leads. You can use VoIP texting to qualify leads, arrange site visits, confirm meetings, provide quotes and get feedback.

VoIP texting for customer support

Instead of sending emails or relying only on social media, you can use VoIP texting to answer customer queries in a timely manner. Adding a texting link to your website will encourage customers to give immediate feedback. VoIP texting is also effective in reminding customers of their appointments.

VoIP texting for recruitment

SMS can also help with recruitment. Businesses can send interview reminders to candidates and request feedback about their experience through VoIP texting. It’s also an effective medium to inform candidates of new vacancies in your firm.

Benefits of VoIP texting

Every business needs a text messaging service and if it’s VoIP, there are added benefits including:


Depending on your VoIP provider, you can automate texting to save time and effort.

Shared numbers

If you have a dedicated number for customer support or lead generation, you would need multiple people to answer calls. VoIP services enable your team members to share their numbers, which ensures that there will always be someone to see and respond to texts.

Voicemail to text

Some VoIP providers, including Chalkboard, can automatically convert your voicemails to text. Others can send voicemails and forward texts to your email inbox.

Lower costs

One of the most common reasons for businesses to shift to VoIP texting is that the texting rates are lower than those of traditional mobile phone carriers. Most VoIP providers have subscription plans that include texting charges.

Can you text a VoIP number?

If the VoIP provider supports SMS, you can send texts to their VoIP number. The provider can accept text messages that include pictures, MMS or group texts as long as they support the format.

Chalkboard: A business-friendly phone solution

It’s clear that texting through VoIP is immensely beneficial when compared to VoIP alternatives. If you’re planning to unleash the power of texting to grow your business, why not consider a business phone that knows the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Chalkboard doesn’t just come with VoIP texting. It has advanced messaging for conversational marketing and lets you broadcast your messages to groups through broadcast SMS. Your team members can share their numbers, which will significantly improve customer support and marketing.

Plus, Chalkboard has affordable subscription plans and a free trial period. Download the Chalkboard app and use VoIP texting to grow your business.

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