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iPhone VoIP: Picking the perfect VoIP app for your business

Learn how to activate iPhone VoIP and choose the right VoIP app for iPhone
iPhone VoIP

iPhones have the functionality to make iPhone VoIP calls. With a VoIP app for iPhone, you can significantly reduce your phone bills and use several features to grow your business. This article looks at what VoIP apps are, how they work and what business owners should look for when picking a VoIP app for iPhone.

What is iPhone VoIP?

iPhones have built their massive global popularity on the basis of exceptional ease of use, security, accessibility and versatility. Their user-first approach continues to draw millions of people in. But even some of their ardent admirers may not know that they come with iPhone VoIP.

With iPhone VoIP, users can make and receive calls using their internet connection. Activating this feature on your iOS device is quite simple.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone

  2. Now tap on Phone

  3. On WiFi Calling, toggle the switch and enable it

That single change in setting on the iPhone is all it takes to enable WiFi calling. Once you’ve activated it, you’ll see WiFi after the name of your carrier in the status bar. You can also connect your other Apple devices to your iPhone. This allows you to use your iPad, for example, to connect to your iPhone and make a call.

Why you should use a VoIP app with your iPhone

Activating the in-built iPhone VoIP is one way to use WiFi calling. You can also download a third-party app from one of the top VoIP providers to use the feature. But why should you go for a VoIP app if your iPhone already has WiFi calling?

The first reason is that you get an additional number when you get a VoIP app for iPhone. This can help separate your personal and business communication. Secondly, you also get to make international calls at cheaper rates.

Finally, top VoIP apps for iPhone come with tools to optimise your communication and help your business grow. While there are free VoIP apps, they do come with certain disadvantages. That’s why when considering apps, you should choose a VoIP phone system made specifically for business use.

Advantages of a VoIP app available for iPhone

These are some of the major benefits of using a VoIP app for iPhone.

Easy to set up

Just like activating iPhone VoIP, setting up a VoIP app for iPhone is easy. All you have to do is select a provider, download the app and choose a subscription plan. Some apps will even give you a free trial for you to discover their features.


Using the same number for work and personal calls can pose a risk to your privacy. With a second line for work, you can safely share your work number on your website, social media pages, storefront, business card and marketing collateral.

Cost efficient

With a VoIP app for iPhone, you’re getting a new number without having to buy another phone. Couple that with low calling rates and you’re looking at significant cost savings for your business.


Are new members joining your team? Adding them to the VoIP app for iPhone is effortless. Download the app and they can start using the service. Some apps also allow employees to share their numbers, which will help collaboration.


One of the most important benefits of using a VoIP app for iPhone is that you can make and receive calls from anywhere. All you need is a reliable internet connection to use the service.

Selecting the right VoIP app for your iPhone and business

Keep in mind the following factors when choosing a VoIP app for iPhone for your business.

Cost. The right VoIP app for your iPhone should be cost-efficient. As a small business, you shouldn’t end up paying for features that only larger enterprises need.

Customer support. Free VoIP apps are notorious for non-existent or mediocre customer support. Make sure that your VoIP has a dependable team to support you.

Business features. Your app should have features including number sharing, auto-reply, broadcast SMS and voicemail. It would be beneficial if it also has marketing tools.

Free trial. If your VoIP app comes with a free trial, you’ll be able to try it out and decide for yourself.

Flexibility. You don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract. Choose an app that gives you the flexibility to move out with ease.

Chalkboard: The iPhone VoIP service provider for your business

If you’re looking for a VoIP app for iPhone, Chalkboard has everything you need and much more. This second line for work gives you broadcast SMS, contact organisation and messaging to elevate your customer acquisition and engagement.

Your team members can share their numbers and improve collaboration. Auto-reply allows you to send pre-written messages to calls you might miss. This is how you solve the problem of missed calls.

Download Chalkboard today. It’s the VoIP app for iPhone that your business needs.

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