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Hosted VoIP: Your essential business guide

Hosted VoIP is the next-generation phone solution for businesses. Here’s everything to know about it
Hosted VoIP

Businesses that use traditional landlines end up paying more without having any modern features. Those who rely on mobile phones only get the basic tools. But businesses that switch to hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) get more features, save money and have a flexible and dynamic business phone.

In this guide to hosted VoIP, we will understand the technology, how it works, the top features of VoIP and its benefits.

What is hosted VoIP?

Small businesses and startups are switching to VoIP because of its benefits. Hosted VoIP is an internet-based telephone communication service that’s offered by a VoIP provider to a business. Companies can make and receive calls and texts over the internet and significantly reduce their infrastructure and monthly charges.

Compared to traditional phones, hosted VoIP doesn’t require an on-site PBX or additional device and isn’t limited to any location. You can use the service on any connected device or VoIP-enabled phone. You can also make and receive calls and use other features as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Hosted VoIP also provides more business-friendly tools when compared to traditional alternatives. Since the software is based in the cloud, it’s also known as cloud PBX or hosted PBX.

How does hosted VoIP work?

Hosted VoIP converts voice into digital packets and then transfers them through the internet. Taking the most efficient route, they reach the recipient where the digital packets are converted back into voice. So, in hosted VoIP, voice becomes digital data which is then translated back into voice.

Sounds complicated? The entire process happens in less than a second, as long you have a steady internet connection. The individual receiving the call wouldn’t notice any difference. All you need is an application from your hosted VoIP provider. It’s through this app that you’ll be making your calls and sending and receiving messages.

Top features from hosted VoIP providers

Top VoIP providers usually provide these features as part of their standard package:

Unlimited calls and texts

Say goodbye to expensive monthly bills and top-ups when you move to hosted VoIP. Most providers would give you unlimited calls and texts as part of your subscription plan. That’s because they’re not limited by the need for hardware like wires or physical phones.


Why waste money on a receptionist to route calls when you get auto-attendant from hosted VoIP? Through an easy-to-use menu, you can set up auto-attendant to allow callers to route their calls. This also makes businesses seem professional.

Voicemail transcriptions

Wouldn’t you want to know the reason for someone’s call? Through voicemail-to-text, you can conveniently read the message and decide if you have to get back immediately, find more information (about their order, for example), or delegate it to a team member. Some VoIP providers will send the voicemail transcription as a text or email.

Customer support

Small businesses don’t need dedicated IT staff to operate and maintain their hosted VoIP service. In case there’s an issue, most providers will immediately get to addressing it.

What are the benefits of hosted VoIP?

Shifting to a cloud-based telephone will open up a world of benefits for small businesses, startups and freelancers.

Huge cost savings

The biggest benefit of hosted VoIP is that you don’t have to spend money on new devices or additional hardware. You also don’t need an IT team for maintenance and support. The monthly charges are also significantly lower since you’ll only be paying for your subscription. These will save you thousands of pounds a year.

Better collaboration

A good business phone system should seamlessly enhance collaboration and that’s what hosted VoIP does. With Chalkboard, for example, you can share your number, which will improve your customer service. Device-neutral connectivity will also foster connectivity among distributed teams.

Great for remote working

Hosted VoIP allows you to make and receive calls and texts from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Remotely placed employees and those who have to regularly travel will have no problems staying connected and being productive.

Affordable international calls

If you’ve ever made international calls on your landline or mobile phone, you will know how expensive they can get. With hosted VoIP, for international calls, you only have to pay a fraction of what you would have otherwise paid to traditional telecom providers.

Chalkboard: Your next business phone system

Here’s a hosted VoIP phone system that gives you all the usual benefits plus many more. Specifically built for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Chalkboard is a communication, collaboration and marketing tool.

You get a second line for work that will work on any connected device. With messaging and broadcast SMS, Chalkboard allows you to use text marketing to grow your business. Auto-reply lets you send pre-written messages to calls you might miss. Also, with number sharing, your team members can share their numbers and respond to clients faster.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. It’s a feature-rich and affordable hosted VoIP made for businesses like yours.

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