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Ways to improve your business voicemail

How to make your voicemail an engaging, efficient and productive tool for your business
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For local and independent businesses, a voicemail is a key asset. It can be the gateway that introduces the business and one that works 24/7. If you’re a local business owner or manager, there are many reasons to focus on improving your business voicemail.

A business voicemail isn’t just a functional service. It lets callers know of a business’s character and purpose. With these tips, you’ll be able to give your business voicemail a new lease of life and make it friendly, inviting and warm.

Best practices to improve your business voicemail

Introduce yourself and your business

The caller should know they’ve reached the right number. So, the first thing you should do is state your name, department and the name of your business. While most business voicemails have the name of the individual and the business, they leave out the department.

This makes it difficult for the caller to know whether they’ve reached the right individual. Also, opt for the department over the designation. So for example, it should be, “Hi, this is Omar from marketing at Prism Computers.”

Give the necessary information

Instead of waiting for you to return the call, you can give helpful information to the caller through voicemail. You could say that for any order-related query, they can check the website. Or you could ask them to leave their order number for you to get back to them.

You should also state when you’ll get back to them and if, for example, you are on holiday, who they can call with their enquiry. Think of your business voicemail as a customer or client response service.

Write down the script and rehearse

Your business voicemail shouldn’t sound unprepared or amateurish. To make it sound professional, you need to write down the script. Ensure that it contains all the relevant information without complex words or phrases.

The way we think we sound and the way we actually sound are two different things, as anyone who’s ever listened to their audio messages would know. Rehearsal will let you know what part needs work. It will also show you whether your voicemail has everything the caller might need.

Speak clearly, be friendly

Most of us talk faster than we think we speak. While those closest to us may be able to comprehend what we say, a stranger on the other end of the phone line may find it difficult. So, talk slowly and clearly. Make sure that there are no background or ambient noises.

Pretend you are talking to someone you’ve known for a while. Importantly, smile when you talk. That’s something the caller will be able to easily recognise. That will also leave a good impression of your business.

Keep it to 20-25 seconds

That’s the ideal length of a voicemail. Anything longer and the caller may lose interest and cut the call. This is why it helps to write down the script.

Make sure that there are no long pauses; this may make the caller wonder whether the call’s been disconnected.

Use a second phone number app for business

If you want to upgrade your voicemail to a voice assistant for your business, you should consider getting the best second phone number app for business out there. It’s one of the most effective ways to professionalise your business communication and improve your productivity.

  • Better organisation: You’ll be able to organise your business and personal contacts and communication separately.

  • Auto-response: A second phone app comes with the ability to send auto-responses in the form of voicemail, text and auto-reply texts. This will give your callers the information they need.

Leave a lasting impression

A voicemail is a valuable tool for a local business to leave a lasting impression on its customers and clients. With the right script, practice and delivery, you’ll be able to make your business voicemail pleasant, inviting and informative. With a second phone number, you can take it to a whole new level.

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