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How to keep your business phone number when you move

The many ways in which you can keep your business phone number when moving, including a smarter digital option
How to keep business phone number when you move

Your business phone number may be the first point of contact for many of your customers and clients. But what happens if you have to move? How will you keep your business phone number then?

This question is relevant especially for businesses that use non-digital solutions such as traditional landlines. While they have served their purpose, they do come with certain disadvantages. These will be obvious if you were to relocate. If you decide to move, these are the ways in which you can keep your business phone number.

Call redirection

If you use a landline, your options are limited if you want to keep your business phone number. However, there’s a way to keep it if you’re moving to a location that’s covered by your current telephone exchange.

You can check whether it’s possible to redirect calls to your new number. Most telephone operators offer this service for an additional charge. This way, your customers can still reach you with no fuss.

Call greeting

You can leave a recorded message on your old number provided your operator allows that. Through this message, you can inform the caller that you have moved and give them your new number.

You should ideally do this for a few weeks no matter where you move to. This will inform all customers and vendors that you have moved and have a new number.

These are the usual traditional solutions if you want to keep your business phone number, Both these are temporary solutions that can be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective. There are modern solutions to the problem, beginning with number porting.

Number porting

Porting your number means keeping it while changing carriers. By doing this, you get to keep your existing number, although this may not be feasible with landline numbers. If you decide to port your number, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Start early: Porting takes time and there is a procedure involved. To ensure that you’re not without a number, you’ll have to start the process a week or two in advance.

  • PAC: You’ll need to talk to your current telecom provider and request a PAC or Porting Authorisation Code. Once you get it, you should share it with your new provider. Once they get the code, the process may take a few days.

  • Contract validity: Porting can only be done when your contract is still valid with your current provider. You may also have to pay early exit fees in some instances.

  • Beware of the duration: The PAC will have a validity of 30 days. If you change your mind about porting, you can ignore it. But after you submit it to your new telecom provider, porting can’t be cancelled.


With VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, you can make calls through internet connections. Whereas traditional phones use an analogue connection, VoIP services including virtual numbers use broadband to make and receive calls.

VoIP services have become increasingly popular with business users due to the tremendous advantages they offer. The biggest advantage is that most VoIP service providers would allow you to port your number (although not landline numbers).

So, why should you consider a virtual number app if you want to retain your business number?

📌 Easy to get started: Adding a business phone number to your current plan has never been easier. Download the app, start your free trial and you have your new business phone number ready to go.

📌 Affordable: VoIP and virtual numbers are not tied to any particular device. You can get a second line for work on your current device without having to buy a new one. You not only save on hardware costs but also on monthly payments since they are exceptionally affordable.

📌 Enhanced features: Another reason to get a virtual number like Chalkboard is the business-friendly features:

  • You get to organise your contacts

  • You can send broadcast messages to your groups

  • You get auto-reply to respond to calls you might miss

  • You can route calls to your remotely placed employees

Manage all of your work calls and messages with a business phone number.

While you can request for redirection or port your number, the easiest and smartest way to keep your business phone number is by getting a virtual number app. It’s affordable, remote-friendly and enhanced with features to help your business expand.

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