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Business phone systems: How to pick the right one

Looking at business phone systems? Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing one
Business phone systems

A business phone system is a crucial component of any modern business. Your business phone is how your employees will contact each other, how your customers will get in touch with you and how you will reach your vendors. So, when comparing business phone systems, you should look for the features that will help your business grow.

"But do I need a business phone system?"

You might be wondering whether you need a business phone system when you can handle everything with your existing number. Here’s the answer: an ordinary number gives you everything that an ordinary user would want.

A business phone system comes with business features. Plus, the right business phone system will make you look professional, save you money, improve collaboration and improve the brand equity of your business.

Secondly, while there are other ways to communicate, whether it’s through email or a messaging app, none is as personal, immediate and engaging as a phone call. And customers expect you to have a reliable business phone system.

Now that you know the importance of a business phone system, let’s examine the different types available in the market.

The four types of business phone systems

If you’re looking for a business phone system in 2022, the four choices you would have are multi-line phone systems, PBX, VoIP and second-line apps.

Multi-line phone system

With a multi-line phone system, you can host multiple numbers with a single phone. By pressing a particular key for a particular number, users would be able to make outgoing calls or accept incoming calls.


PBX or Private Branch Exchange is an internal telephone network that can switch calls between internal users and allow them to use a particular number of external call lines. PBX can be hosted on the premises or in the cloud.

VoIP phone system

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. Compared to a PBX, there is no need to install hardware or a physical network.

Second-line apps

A second-line app is software that lets you make and receive calls over the internet. These apps don’t require additional devices and can be used as your dedicated number for business.

The benefits of choosing a cloud-based phone for business

The traditional multi-phone system and on-site PBX are for legacy businesses. In today’s remote world, cloud-based business phone systems offer advantages that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Lower costs

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, the first thing to note is that a cloud PBX is highly beneficial, since there is no need for additional hardware. With a second-line app, you don’t have to buy new devices, worry about installation or pay high monthly fees.

Made for remote working

The traditional phone systems are rooted in one place. A cloud-based phone system can be operated from anywhere as long there is an internet connection. Plus, with second-line apps, you’ll be able to route calls to other devices.

Highly flexible

The number that you get through a second-line app can be used as your local number to make your business seem rooted in the region. You can also use it as a customer support number or include it in marketing campaigns.

Easily scalable

With a traditional phone, you have to get new wires and devices installed by contacting the phone company. With a cloud-based business phone system, you can easily add a number by downloading the software. In other words, it can grow according to your needs.

Looking for a business phone system? Things to consider before making a decision

If you’re about to choose a business phone system, these are the factors you should keep in mind.


Don’t end up paying for hardware when you easily get the same benefits with an app. Similarly, don’t pay for features that you may not use. Also, compare the monthly charges not just for your current team but also for additional hires.


You will need voicemail, auto-reply, contact organisation, group broadcast and a lot of other features. Remember that you will need to use your phone not just for communication but also for marketing.

Customer engagement

Can customers reach you with ease? Can you take their calls on the same number even when you’re out of the office? Can you share promotional texts with them? Can you address their queries through chat? Look for a business phone system that will enable these.

Chalkboard: A reliable business phone system for growing businesses

If you’re a small or medium business, freelancer or startup, Chalkboard is the business phone system for you. So, what do you get with this unique second-line app?

You get a second number for work. You don’t have to share your personal number with customers or vendors anymore. This is how you separate work and home life.

You can be up and running in minutes. Download the app and you’ll have your new number in minutes. There’s no need to wait for any hardware installation.

You get advanced messaging. You can talk to your customers like friends and engage in conversational marketing.

You get group broadcast. Need to share your new product images or offers? You can easily do it with Chalkboard’s broadcast SMS feature.

You can increase collaboration. Your team members can share phone numbers, which will make communication seamless and improve collaboration.

Download Chalkboard today. It’s a business phone system designed for small and medium businesses.

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