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Easy ways to use WhatsApp without a phone number

If you’re wondering how to use WhatsApp without a phone number, there’s the traditional method and a smarter, easier and feature-rich alternative
Free phone number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the biggest messaging platform on Earth. But you require a registered number to use the app. If want to know how to get a free phone number for WhatsApp, the good news is that there are some loopholes you can consider.

Users have to register a phone number to use WhatsApp, whether it’s the phone version or the desktop version. This can pose problems for those who don’t want to share their personal number. But there are ways to get a free phone number for WhatsApp.

Ways to use WhatsApp without a phone number

The easiest way to get a free phone number for WhatsApp is by downloading a virtual number. Along with a second phone number, this also gives you several enhanced features associated with top virtual numbers.

While comparing free and paid phone numbers, it’s always a good idea to look at the value you get. Remember that free numbers may come with ad support, limited features or no customer support.

How to get a free virtual number to use on WhatsApp

While it’s easy to get a virtual number, you should be looking at the extra features you get with it. Chalkboard isn’t just a second number. It offers features that almost no other virtual app can give you.

How to get WhatsApp with Chalkboard

  • Download Chalkboard on your device and launch the app. You can try all the features without paying any fee or entering into any long-term contract.

  • It will ask you to choose a number. This could be a UK mobile number or a local US number. Now you’ve got yourself a dedicated second phone number.

  • Now you can download WhatsApp on your phone. Set it up and enter the number you got from Chalkboard.

  • For verification, choose the option of calling the number. Keep Chalkboard on and soon you’ll get your authentication code on your new number.

  • Now you can submit the verification code and launch WhatsApp

How to get WhatsApp with a landline number

While a virtual number is the smartest way to get a free phone number for WhatsApp, you can also do it via the traditional landline. This doesn’t require code or verification through SMS.

  • Install WhatsApp on your connected device and launch the setup. If you already have it, delete it and install it again. If you’re deleting it, ensure that you backup your data to a computer.

  • Enter your landline number along with the country and state code. If you see an option for calling the number for verification, tap on it.

  • In case you don’t see that option, wait for the SMS verification to fail. When it fails, WhatsApp will offer the suggestion of calling the number.

  • Now you’ll get a call on your landline with the code for verification. Enter that on WhatsApp and you can start using the app.

  • Do remember that the landline number you give needs to be yours. It can’t be an extension number.

Why you should use a virtual app to get WhatsApp

With a virtual app, you’ll get a free phone number for WhatsApp and much more.

  • Since it’s an app, there’s no need to buy an additional device, which will save you money.

  • You also don’t have to get a new SIM. This saves you time.

  • You don’t have to use your personal number on WhatsApp, which will go a long way in protecting your privacy.

  • You get dual functionality. You can use your new virtual number to make calls and receive texts while using the same number for WhatsApp.

  • If you run a business or have to make multiple calls, you can use your new number for work-related communication.

  • With an app like Chalkboard, you get value-added features such as auto-reply that will send pre-determined texts to calls you miss.

  • Chalkboard will also let you organise your contacts and let you send broadcast messages to your groups.

In short

A virtual number is the smarter way to get a free phone number for WhatsApp. You get dual functionality, enhanced privacy and added features for your communication with a credible second number app.

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