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What is the impact of WhatsApp Business across different industries?

How WhatsApp Business is empowering businesses of all sizes across industries to engage with their customers
Impact of WhatsApp Business

Once in a while, a technological tool is introduced that fundamentally changes how businesses communicate. WhatsApp Business is one such technology that is redefining the way small businesses can engage with their customers. With a WhatsApp Business number, you can finally level the playing field and interact with your customers in the way that big businesses do.

The remarkable thing about having a WhatsApp Business number is that you’ll be using a technology that was specifically designed for small and independent businesses. This makes it different from WhatsApp API, which is the more advanced version for medium and large enterprises.

How has WhatsApp Business changed the way businesses work?

With a WhatsApp Business number, small businesses can directly engage with customers. What’s important here is that it would happen in real-time. You don’t have to rely on social media or email to open a communication channel with your clients and customers.

A WhatsApp Business number can improve the customer outreach of any business. It can also give added benefits if you use it with a second number.

Reasons why businesses should consider using WhatsApp Business for their customer communication

Businesses across sectors are using a WhatsApp Business number to interact with their customers because it provides several demonstrable benefits.

Immediate engagement: If a customer has a query related to an order, delivery, a new product or pricing, they can get in touch with you and get a response immediately. This wouldn’t happen if they were to call a customer support line or email you. This improves customer satisfaction.

Personalised communication: WhatsApp is inherently a private medium. Interaction with your business would feel like a one-on-one conversation for your customers. This will also enable you to be more attentive and customise your responses and solutions.

Platform familiarity: You don’t have to introduce WhatsApp to your customers. They’re most likely already familiar with it. Even those customers who don’t use email, in all likelihood, are using WhatsApp.

Security: All WhatsApp conversations are end-to-end encrypted. No third party, including WhatsApp, has access to your conversations. So, customers would be willing to discuss even financial transactions through the platform.

Industries using WhatsApp to boost customer engagement

Due to the platform’s inherent advantages, several industries are using it to improve their customer engagement and provide enhanced user experiences. Some of these include:

Airlines: Customers don’t have to check the status of their flight online anymore. They can get it directly from the airlines through WhatsApp. Carriers can now inform flyers of any delays in real-time, saving them time and effort.

Hotels: Guests are informed of time-bound deals or holiday offers through the platform. When the communication is customised, keeping in mind the guests’ previous visits, there will be greater chances of conversion.

Restaurants: If you own a standalone restaurant, you can use a WhatsApp Business number to wish your customers well on special occasions, share customised offers and answer their queries on deliveries.

Hospitals: From hospitals to neighbourhood clinics, the healthcare industry is using the platform to remind patients of their appointments, share test results and deliver personalised content related to the needs of the user.

E-commerce: Global online marketplaces are using the platform to notify customers about their orders and offers among other things. Even if you’re a smaller business with e-commerce functionality, you can use it to market your products directly to your customers and provide information on their purchases.

Salons: Tech-savvy salons are using WhatsApp Business to inform customers of their appointments and to request them to leave online reviews. They’re also sharing images of the latest styles to get their customers interested in their services.

Automobile repair: Service and maintenance shops are using the platform to keep in touch with their customers and remind them about their automobile’s next service. They are also using it to get feedback that they can then post on their websites and social media accounts.

In short

WhatsApp Business has empowered small businesses to get the same level of customer engagement as their bigger counterparts. If you use it wisely, it can become your primary platform for customer acquisition, support and retention.

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