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WhatsApp Business cover photo: How to get it on Android

Here’s how to get a WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android for your business
WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android

In April 2022, WhatsApp Business rolled out a feature for its iOS users that enabled them to set up their cover photos. The messaging platform has announced that it will soon be available to its Android users as well. If you’re an Android user with the app, here’s how you can set up your WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android.

Unlike its regular version, WhatsApp Business was built specifically for small business owners. Now with a WhatsApp Business cover photo function on Android, there’s every reason to use the platform.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business cover photos

With a WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android, users can insert another image behind their cover photo. This is similar to the profile layout on Facebook. WhatsApp users on both desktop and mobile devices will be able to see the photo. So, how does this feature help businesses?

To begin with, it gives you increased brand awareness. Visual brand assets are crucial to establishing brand identity. Secondly, with more elements to display, it will be easier for your business to communicate its design elements. Whether it’s a logo or graphic design unit, these will help you build greater recall among users.

The third reason is that the WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android allows you to humanise your business. The individuals who own and operate it are the chief brand ambassadors of a small business. Now you can share your photos or those of your team members to connect with your customers.

Finally, it allows you to share more information with your users. Whether it’s your product range, office hours, marketing promos or discounts, now you have more space to communicate those.

How do I add a WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android?

The first step in setting up your WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android is to download the latest beta version of the app. Once it’s installed, go to settings and open your business profile settings. After that, click on the photo that’s behind your profile image and choose your cover photo.

Keep in mind that at the time of writing, the option to set your WhatsApp Business cover photo on Android is currently only available to some users. The platform will be shortly rolling out the feature to a larger number of users.

Using WhatsApp Business with a second phone number

WhatsApp Business is a messaging platform designed specifically for the requirements of small businesses. It helps you communicate one-on-one with users, give real-time replies to customer queries, share product information and update customers on their orders.

But you can’t use WhatsApp Business with your existing personal phone number. You need to get a number specifically for the app if you want to use ‘regular’ WhatsApp. The obvious solution is to get an additional SIM or buy a phone that has dual-SIM capabilities. A smarter option is to get a second number through a top-rated app.

Using WhatsApp Business with a second phone number has several benefits. With a virtual number app, you get a number exclusively for work-related calls and texts.

You can freely share this with customers, on your marketing collateral and on your website and social media profiles without worrying about your privacy. By separating your professional and personal lives, a virtual number also allows you to improve your work-life balance.

Use WhatsApp Business with Chalkboard and grow your business

With Chalkboard, you get a new number that you can use with WhatsApp Business. But that isn’t the only benefit you get from this virtual number built for the small guys. It’s a communication and marketing tool that comes with business tools you won’t find anywhere else.

The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to buy a new device for yourself or your team members. That translates to immediate savings.

Chalkboard allows you to share your number. Now any of your team members can answer calls from customers on your business number and improve your customer engagement. It also significantly improves collaboration between your staff.

Users can separate their professional and personal contacts and their communication. This declutters communication. Group broadcast SMS lets you send mass texts without having to manually type each one. It also has enhanced messaging features that will elevate your conversational marketing and allow you to talk to your customers like friends.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. It’s the best way to use WhatsApp Business.

👉 Take a look at our guide to using a Chalkboard number with WhatsApp Business.

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