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What is the best number for your business?

Find the business number that best suits your needs and find out how you can get a smarter, more flexible option
The best mobile number for business

The good news about starting a business in 2021 is that you don’t need all the usual infrastructure associated with an office. You may not even need an office if you and your team can work remotely. But the one thing you would need is a business mobile phone.

Why have a business mobile phone?

Your business will look professional: An exclusive number for business means it will be easy for customers and clients to get in touch with you.

You can manage your contacts better: Your business contacts and their messages won’t get lost between the numbers of your family and friends.

You’ll get a better work-life balance: All calls and messages that come after business hours can be directed to your business mobile phone.

What is the best business mobile phone for small businesses?

Local numbers

Starting with either 01 or 02, local numbers are ideal if you operate a single-location business. For example, if you operate a boutique, restaurant, salon or pet grooming service, you should consider a local number for your business.

Using a local number reassures customers that you’re based in the community, which will make your independent business appear familiar and trustworthy.

Non-geographic numbers

These don’t tie you to any specific location and give you a national presence if your business needs it. If you were to move, you wouldn’t need to change your number as they are portable.

Local rate numbers: If you want the caller to pay, local rate numbers should be an option for you. Starting usually with 0844 or 0845, these can be used for specific requests from clients or customers for more information, or value-added customer support.

Freephone numbers: It will be free for the caller, making it the preferred option for advertising campaigns and general customer support. These usually start with 0800 or 0808.

UK-wide numbers: If a customer calls a UK-wide number from a landline, they will have to pay the regular phone charges. But if they call from a mobile, they will have to pay a lot more. In other words, not the ideal option if you actively want people to call your business.

Second-line apps: Among the several telephone number options available for small businesses, these are the most advanced. Second-line apps work over the internet and provide all the benefits of the other phone numbers plus a whole lot more. With a second phone number for work for example:

  • You won’t have to buy a second device

  • You only have to download the app to get started

  • You’ll get a dedicated number to share with business contacts

  • You’ll be able to set business voicemail and route callers accordingly

  • You can set auto-reply texts to missed calls, which will ensure that you don’t miss any business opportunities

In short – which phone number is best for business use?

What makes a good business phone? It should meet all your short and medium-term requirements, be easy to set up and maintain, and should be within your budget. Considering their flexibility, second-line apps should top the list of your options if you’re looking for a second phone number for work.

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