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VoIP cost: Find the right plan for your business

Knowing the cost of VoIP will help you choose a service that suits your business needs
VoIP cost

If you’re thinking about shifting to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for your business, you’ve made the right decision. Compared to landlines, VoIP offers tremendous advantages. But before you make the switch, it’s better to understand how much VoIP would cost.

In this article, we’ll explain the cost of VoIP, the factors that affect the cost and the features you should look for when switching to VoIP.

How much does VoIP cost?

A comparison of landline and VoIP will show you the enormous cost differences between the two. VoIP costs can range from £10 per user to £50 per user per month. To learn more, let’s divide VoIP costs into installation and monthly charges.

With a traditional PBX (private branch exchange) system, you need to buy the hardware and then pay for its installation and maintenance. All these could run into thousands of pounds.

With VoIP, you can either go for a VoIP-enabled device or opt for a virtual number. With the former, you will need to buy the device. With a cloud-based phone, you only have to download the app and pay the monthly fee per user.

Not all VoIP providers have the same features or fees. Some would charge for VoIP based on usage or minutes, whereas others would charge a monthly subscription fee.

Factors that can affect your VoIP implementation costs

The implementation cost for VoIP is significantly lower than that of traditional PBX because it doesn’t require investments in hardware or maintenance. All you need for a VoIP business phone is a steady internet connection. To better understand this, let’s look at the two components of VoIP implementation costs

Porting-related VoIP costs

Porting is the process of shifting service providers while keeping the same number. This way, if you use the number for customer support or marketing purposes, you don’t have to change your collateral or inform customers about your new number.

While porting is free with some VoIP providers, others will charge you for transferring to their service. This is especially true if you want to port several numbers. The charges could be up to £25 per number that you want to port.

Installation-related VoIP costs

If you go for an on-premise hosted phone system, there are certain unavoidable, upfront costs. These relate to hardware, phone devices, copper wiring and installation costs. Of course, after all that, you have to spend on its repair, maintenance, and IT support. In case you open a new office or shift to a new location, you have to again spend on these.

So, how much does VoIP cost for installation? With a cloud-based VoIP system, the answer is zero. With Chalkboard, for example, you don’t have to buy a new device. Just download the app on any connected device and you can start using your new business number. You also don’t have to keep any trained IT staff for its maintenance.

Factors that can affect your monthly VoIP costs

The most important factors that will affect your monthly VoIP costs are the number of users, the subscription plans you choose and the number of international calls you make.

The number of VoIP users

VoIP costs would depend mostly on the number of users in your business. Some providers will want you to move to an expensive plan if you have more users. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Subscription plans

While comparing VoIP costs of different providers, the structure of their plans is another crucial factor. Some have discounts when you take their annual plans. Others give you the flexibility of monthly plans but charge you more.

International calls

VoIP costs for international calls are substantially lower than those of traditional phone systems. If your business makes regular overseas calls, choose a VoIP provider with favourable or even free international calls.

Switching to VoIP for business? Features you will need

Beyond VoIP cost, keep these features in mind when comparing VoIP providers.

Calls and texts from any device

You should be able to make and receive calls from any connected device. Similarly, your VoIP number should allow you to send and receive texts as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Ease of use

The VoIP application you choose should be easy to download and manage. The User Interface (UI) should be comfortable for everyone on your team. You should also be able to customise your settings.


If your VoIP phone system can easily integrate with your project management and communication apps, your teams would find it easy to collaborate. This will help you save time and automate routine chores.

Customer support

If you have a problem, the last thing you want is to be on hold for half an hour or wait for a reply to an email that you sent two days ago. The service provider should have dependable customer support, which can often be a problem with free VoIP services.

Chalkboard: A cost-effective way to switch to VoIP for business

Looking to reduce your VoIP cost and increase productivity? Look no further than Chalkboard, a VoIP service built for the demands of small businesses. Since it’s a second number for work, you don’t have to spend money on a new device or additional hardware.

With auto-reply, you can respond to calls you might miss. Number sharing allows your team members to share their numbers and improve collaboration. With group broadcast and enhanced chat, you can reach more customers and market your products.

Download Chalkboard and start your free trial. You won’t have to worry about VoIP costs anymore.

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