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How to add a second number to your Android phone

How to get a second number for work without having to buy an additional phone
How to add second number to Android phone

With both work-related calls and personal calls coming into the same number, most small business owners would wonder how to get a second number. While the conventional option used to be to buy another phone, a second phone number app for Android is all it would take to solve the problem.

Why business owners should want a second number

Using the same number for business and personal communication is bad. Other than the fact that you’ll be constantly getting calls, you’re also compromising your privacy. Plus, there will be no work-life balance as customers or business associates can call you at any time of the day.

Why business owners shouldn't get a second phone

While there are problems associated with using the same number for business and private calls, the solution shouldn’t be to get another phone. That would only double the problems you already face. You’ll have to carry two phones with you and worry about either of them getting misplaced.

On top of that, you’ll have to charge both phones, update their software and ensure that they are in sync, in case you want to transfer files between the phones.

Second-line apps: The ideal solution

A second phone number app for Android is the right solution to the problem. All you’ve got to do is download the app to get a new number that could be your second number for work. Due to their demonstrable advantages, more and more business owners, freelancers, solo contractors and gig workers are opting for second-line apps.

Separation of professional and personal lives: A top reason to opt for a second phone number app on Android is that you can finally separate your business and personal lives. You can share your second number with your customers, clients, vendors and business associates.

No more missed calls: Second-line apps will enable you to set up auto-reply texts for missed calls. Whenever you miss a call, the caller will get a message from you.

Work-life balance: Whenever you’re with family or friends, you can be fully there without worrying about business calls. Callers will get the auto-reply text or voicemail for assistance.

Ease of use: When a call comes in, you’ll be able to receive it on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. If a device is getting charged, you don’t have to unplug it to take the call.

Privacy protection: With a number exclusively for work, you don’t have to share your private number with everyone, which will enhance your privacy.

Google Voice

If you want a free and basic version, you can try Google Voice. You can pick a number from the given choices and use it to make and receive free calls. It can also ring several numbers at once and even screen your calls.

Tying yourself into Google Voice does mean you will have to use Google’s other products to get the full suite of services. Although Google has taken care of most of the issues since the launch of Google Voice, customer support still remains a massive problem.

Dual-SIM phones

You can also get smartphones that can accommodate two SIMs. But remember that you’ll be putting additional pressure on the device and won’t have professional features like auto-reply texts or business voicemail. Some of the popular dual-SIM phones in the UK are the OnePlus NORD, Vivo Y11S, Oppo A53 and Xiaomi Poco X3.

In short

You don’t need to get a second phone to have a second number for work. A second phone number app for Android can solve the problem and give you additional features – all without burning a hole in your pocket.

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