The simplest pricing you’ve ever seen

Illistration of users 1 user

Users can have their own number, or can share numbers. The first number is free.

Illistration of telephone 1 number

Your price is

How’s it calculated?
  • 1 user @ £10 / user = £0
  • 1 number @ £5
    / additional number = £0
  • Total cost = £0 + VAT

£ 10 + VAT / month

Includes everything

  • Unlimited* calls and texts
  • Includes all features, nothing locked
  • Add or remove users or numbers at anytime
  • Pay monthly, no contract
  • 7 day free trial

* Fair usage terms apply, see our terms of service.

7 day free trial. If you decide not to continue, cancel instantly within the app.

Frequently asked questions

What is a ‘user’?

Any team member with access to your Chalkboard workspace is counted as a "user".

It doesn't matter how many phone numbers they have access to, you only pay once per user.

You can find more information in our guide to Managing your team in Chalkboard.

What is a ‘phone number’?

You can have as many or as few phone numbers as you need. Users can have their own private number, or users can share numbers. You have complete flexibility.

For example, you may have a team of 5 each with their own phone number. Or the same team of 5 may all share one phone number. Any combination is possible.

There's more information in our Managing numbers in Chalkboard article.

How many users and numbers do I need?

You are billed for all the users in your workspace, and for every 2+ phone numbers (the first number is always free).

So if you have 5 users each with their own number, you will be billed for 5 users and 4 phone numbers.

If you have 5 users and everyone shares one number, you will be billed for 5 users and no extra phone numbers.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

You can add or remove users or numbers anytime you need.

If you remove a user part way through the billing period, you'll be credited for the unused time on your next bill.

If you remove a phone number part way through the billing period, the number will not be billed on the next invoice, but you won't receive a credit.

Our guide to Managing your direct card billed subscription has more detailed information.

How often can I switch users between numbers?

Once you've created users and phone numbers, you can swap/add/remove those users from phone numbers very easily and as often as you need.

How is payment taken?

You can pay with most credit or debit cards.

It is possible to pay via in-app subscription, but you won’t be able to add more than 1 user and 1 number at a time. However, you can always migrate to card billing to remove that restriction.

Are my card details secure?

Yes, we use best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

Our payment provider is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256 by our payments provider. Chalkboard does not have direct access to your card details.

Can I claim Chalkboard as a business expense?

Chalkboard is normally a tax deductible (allowable) business expense. You should always check with your accountant to be sure.

Is it easy to cancel?

Yes it is. To cancel, you only need visit the Billing section of the app, and tap the Cancel subscription button.

We prefer to focus on making Chalkboard a must-have service than trying to make it difficult for you to cancel.

For more detailed information please see Cancelling your direct card billed subscription.

What if I have other questions?

After you’ve started your trial, please contact us in the app, we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have!

There is also a lot more information about Chalkboard in our Help & support section.