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How to forward a landline to a mobile phone: A quick and easy guide

Learning how to forward a landline to a mobile phone can help you stay connected on the move
How to forward a landline to a mobile phone

The ability to answer calls while you’re on the move is a significant advantage. This ensures that both current and potential customers can easily reach you. So, small business owners and entrepreneurs should learn how to forward a landline to a mobile phone.

High-quality customer service is important for small businesses. If customers can’t get an immediate answer, whether it’s about a new product or their order, they might take to social media and complain. The good news is that if you’re out of the office, you can get calls automatically transferred from your landline to your mobile.

In this article, we’ll learn how you can forward a landline to a mobile phone. We’ll also look at a smarter, cost-effective and feature-rich phone solution for small businesses.

How to forward a landline to a mobile phone

Forwarding to a mobile phone from a landline is easy in the UK. You can set it up on conventional devices using the following steps:

  1. Pick up the handset and ensure that you can hear a dial tone.

  2. Enter the numbers ’21.’ After that, enter the mobile number to which you want to forward calls. Press the ‘#’ key after that.

  3. You’ll hear an announcement stating “service feature activated.” Call forwarding is now set up on your device.

This is how you forward a landline to a mobile phone on a BT line. If you’re using a Virgin Media Landline, you have to enter the numbers ‘70’ to activate call forwarding. There will be additional costs for forwarding calls and different providers may have different rates for call diversion.

A better alternative to call forwarding

Modern businesses are moving away from landlines because they’re limiting, expensive and cumbersome to maintain. A virtual number is a superior solution to learning how to forward a landline to a mobile phone.

Here’s how a virtual number can benefit your business:

Unify communications

If you still have a landline, you have multiple lines of phone communication. You may have to share your landline number with some people and your mobile number with others. This is problematic for customer service and marketing since your team has to synchronise multiple devices and numbers.

With a virtual number, you can accept calls from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet and these days most places have a reliable internet connection. Since it’s an additional phone number, you can share it with your customers and clients and route all calls to that number.

Text from your virtual number

A landline only serves a part of your communication needs. Your business not only has to answer calls but also proactively reach out for customer acquisition. A virtual number gives you SMS capabilities to enhance your marketing and customer service.

You can send promotional messages to groups of customers. If a customer has a query, they can directly reach out to you or your team members for an immediate response. You can also share product images and videos through text.

Use shared numbers

If you give your landline or mobile number as your customer support number, all calls will come into that number. If it’s a landline and you’re out of the office, you have to figure out how to forward a landline to a mobile phone. Some virtual numbers solve this problem by allowing your team to share the number.

Now when a call comes in and you’re unable to take it, somebody else from your team can answer it. The customer won’t know the difference and your service will continue without interruption. This is one of the best ways in which you can use a virtual number.

Separate work and personal lives

Learning how to forward a landline to a mobile phone is one thing. But having to answer calls when you’re out with your family is a different issue altogether. This happens because you only have one number for business and personal calls.

A virtual number gives you a second line for work that you can freely share with customers. You’d know that any call coming to that number would be work-related.

Make call forwarding simpler with Chalkboard

By getting a virtual phone number with Chalkboard, business owners can make and receive calls from anywhere. This eliminates the need for learning how to forward a landline to a mobile phone. This immensely helps if your team members frequently travel or work from your client’s locations. You can also send broadcast SMS and use messaging to engage with your customers.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. It’s an affordable and feature-rich virtual number made for small businesses.

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