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How to port your business mobile number

Thinking about porting your mobile number? Read on to find everything about the process and discover an alternative
How to port business mobile number

Being a business owner means constantly having to take calls from customers, vendors and your team members. This means you would need to have the right business number from the right provider. That could be why more and more entrepreneurs are interested in knowing more about porting a number in the UK.

Porting a mobile number does sound encouraging since you don’t have to do the hard work of informing your contacts that your number has changed. This is especially true for business owners who don’t want customers to call an inactive number. That could mean losing their business. But what exactly is porting a number?

What is number porting?

It’s the process of carrying a mobile number from one telecom provider to another. It typically happens when a customer wants to shift from their provider due to coverage or cost issues. Although the customer would initiate the process, the porting happens between the concerned telecom providers.

How do I transfer my mobile number?

Porting a number isn’t complicated for a business owner. If you decide to change telecom providers and keep the same number for business, you will have to either text or call your current provider and request a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC).

Before giving you the code, your provider might ask you to submit documentation to verify your identity. Once they’re satisfied, they will text you the code. A PAC is a nine-digit code with a validity of 30 days.

After that, you’ll have to contact your new telecom provider and share the PAC. The new telecom provider will coordinate with your existing company. The process may take a day or two unless there are holidays in between.

Why would I be looking to port a mobile number?

If you believe that your current provider doesn’t have either comprehensive network coverage or suitable plans, porting a number could be the solution. It’s also the right option if you’re unhappy with their customer service or payment process.

How does number porting help my business?

If you decide to change telecom providers and get a new number, there’s a lot of work involved. You will have to inform your customers, business associates and vendors about the new number. You may also have to change your business signages, storefronts, business cards or classified listings to include the new number.

When you port your number, you save on all that effort and the expenses associated with it. Plus, you also won’t have to inform any government or regulatory bodies about the change in your contact number.

Common questions when porting your mobile number

Will I lose service when porting a number?

Even after you share your PAC with the new provider, your old number will be active. While transferring the number, it may be inactive for a while but in most cases, this is for less than a day.

How long will my PAC be active?

It will be active for 30 days. If you still haven’t contacted your new provider after 30 days, you’ll have to request a new PAC from your existing provider.

What happens to the music and apps on my old phone?

You’ll have to back up your files and transfer them to your new phone.

Alternatives to number porting

Before porting a number, you should be aware of its pros and cons. If what you want is to separate your business and personal calls, you should consider a second-line app.

It will give you a second line for work. So, you would have a new number without having to buy a phone or get a SIM. Importantly, a second-line app will give you an auto-reply feature. Whenever you get a call that you can’t take, the app will send a prewritten reply. So, no more missed calls or missed opportunities.

In short

Porting a number is the right solution if all that you want is a new telecom provider. But if you’re seeking value-added services and a dedicated number for business, you should consider a second-line app.

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