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Ditch Google VoIP: Discover a reliable and cost-effective communication solution

The complete guide to Google VoIP with its advantages, disadvantages and a better alternative for small businesses.
Google voip

Google VoIP is an affordable and easy-to-use virtual number that works with other apps from Google Workspace. That should settle the debate if you’re looking for a virtual number for personal use. But if you’re a small, local business looking for a virtual business number to grow your business, you need a more detailed analysis of Google VoIP.

The most appealing aspect of Google VoIP is the fact that it’s a free service. This is the primary reason for its popularity among those who use it for personal communication.

Key features of Google VoIP

These are some of the most popular features of Google VoIP that explain its popularity among personal users.

Call forwarding

Google VoIP allows you to forward or redirect calls from multiple numbers to your Google number. You can also route a call to multiple numbers in case it doesn’t get any response from one number.

Voicemail transcription

With Google VoIP, you can generate transcripts for your voicemails using speech-to-text technology. This is immensely helpful for those who receive multiple voicemails every day.

Text messaging

Texting is free on Google VoIP. Moreover, you can send texts from multiple devices and platforms. But for business users, the app’s texting limits will pose problems.

Call blocking

If you get spam calls or messages, Google VoIP allows you to block those numbers. If you need to unblock the number for any reason, you can go to your call history easily enough.

Auto attendant

You can record greetings for your callers on Google VoIP with a welcome message and an unskippable announcement to route callers to the concerned department.

Call recording

You can easily record your calls on Google VoIP and access them online. This is a handy feature if you’re attending an interview or meeting and want to refer to the call later.

Benefits of Google VoIP

Google VoIP has certain benefits that make it a viable option for regular users.

You can receive and make calls from Gmail

Once you get a Google VoIP number, you can make Gmail calls with ease. Unlike regular calls from Google, these calls will have the same number, which makes it easier for the receiver to recognise them.

You get free texting

Yes, there are texting limits for business use but the fact that it’s free appeals to many personal users. You can quickly send a text message from any of your connected devices with Google VoIP.

You can set call-forwarding rules

You can forward calls and numbers to one Google VoIP number. You can also set up rules to decide what call will go where and when.

You can listen to voicemails in real-time

Google VoIP allows you to listen to a voicemail as the caller is leaving it. Now you can easily screen calls and messages without having to wait for the message to end.

Disadvantages of Google VoIP

Small and local businesses are ditching Google VoIP due to these drawbacks.

It doesn't connect with external apps

Google VoIP works well with other apps from the Google ecosystem. But it won’t sync with other apps in your tech stack. For that, you need to upgrade to Google Workspace.

It's expensive

Google VoIP’s personal plan is free but the paid plans can turn out to be expensive for small businesses. On top of the $10 per month, you also have to pay an additional $6 to access Google Workspace.

It caps users

Even the paid Starter plan of Google VoIP limits the number of users to ten. To have unlimited users, you will have to pay $20 per month.

It has a limited texting capacity

Google VoIP has strict limitations on texting. If a message has over 160 characters, it will be sent as multiple messages. More importantly, you can only text five people in one go or else it will be treated as spam.

Chalkboard: The Google VoIP alternative you've been waiting for

If you’re looking for a Google VoIP alternative that’s tailor-made for small and local businesses, Chalkboard is your answer. This VoIP app has everything a business needs for calling and messaging while on the move.

With Chalkboard, you get:

While Google VoIP is user-friendly and free for personal use, it comes with severe texting restrictions and limited flexibility. Plus, it can prove expensive for small businesses. Chalkboard is a cost-effective VoIP service that offers limitless texting, added flexibility, auto-reply and high-definition calling, among others.

In other words, Chalkboard is a business phone that meets all the requirements of local and independent businesses.

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