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What are the Google Voice texting limits?

Although some small business owners use Google Voice’s text messaging feature for business SMS, there are Google Voice texting limits that aren’t suitable for business communication
What are the Google Voice texting limits

Google Voice is one of the popular virtual number apps that small businesses use to engage with their customers. While it does have certain features that regular users would like, those considering it for business use should be aware of the Google Voice text limits.

Google Voice is designed for all users in the company’s ecosystem. The service is popular primarily because it’s free. While ordinary users like that, business users tend to look for Google Voice alternatives because the app doesn’t have the tools they mean to help run their businesses. For example, sending mass texts to connect with people is challenging because of Google Voice’s texting limits.

What is Google Voice’s sending limit per text message?

The first thing to understand about Google Voice’s texting is that it’s designed for one-on-one conversations and not mass texting for business purposes. If you send a text message that’s longer than 160 characters to a non-Google Voice number, the app will send it as multiple messages.

This makes it unsuitable for business use. No customer wants to see multiple messages from a business in a row. If you have a new offer to share, your customers don’t want to read about the product in one text and discover its price in another text.

What are the group texting limits with Google Voice?

SMS is one of the most effective ways to acquire and engage with customers. But small businesses should know about Google Voice text limits because the app has the following conditions for mass texting:

  • You can only send messages with 160 characters and anything above that will be sent as multiple messages.

  • Usually, Google Voice allows you to send texts to only five recipients.

  • If you use Google Voice to send bulk messages to customers, it will be marked as spam and your number will be blocked.

  • If you send several texts in a short span, the app may restrict you from texting.

  • If the recipients mark your text as spam, the app will prevent you from sending texts for a while.

  • Sending URL links in your texts will also be seen as spam.

  • If your number sends the same message to multiple accounts and doesn’t receive replies from them, Google Voice will restrict your usage.

What happens if you send mass texts on Google Voice?

Even if you write an effective business text message, Google Voice will discourage you from sending that to multiple users. The app has two stages of action to deal with mass texting.

  • Stage 1: If you send mass texts, your account may temporarily be blocked from sending messages or calling. If it’s blocked, you can try again after 24 hours.

  • Stage 2: If it requires urgent intervention or if you continue sending mass texts, Google Voice will suspend your account and inform you via email or its web page.

Why do I have a lower sending limit on Google Voice?

Because Google built the service for one-on-one communication, unlike WhatsApp Business. If you send the same message to multiple users, the app will treat it as spam and restrict you from using it.

If you also include links in your texts and don’t get replies from the recipients, the app will consider it spam. To put it simply: because of Google Voice’s texting limits, you cannot send mass texts on Google Voice.

How to get a higher sending limit on Google Voice

It’s virtually impossible to get a higher sending limit on Google Voice. You can try your luck by sending up to five recipients once in a while. Don’t put any URL links in your messages and ask questions to encourage replies.

But keep in mind that if users mark it as spam, Google Voice will restrict you from using the account.

Don’t limit your business: Use Chalkboard for mass texting

If you compare Chalkboard to Google Voice, you’ll know that Chalkboard is a superior option for small businesses to engage with their customers.

Unlike Google Voice’s texting limit, Chalkboard allows you to send texts to many customers at once. You can organise contacts into groups and broadcast messages in one go. With Chalkboard’s messaging features, you’ll be able to talk to your customers like friends.

Download a second line for work today and enjoy unlimited texting and empowered business communication.

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