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Free business apps every small business owner needs

Free apps for small businesses that every small business owner and freelancer should have
Free apps for small businesses

Most business owners know that small business apps can make their lives easier. Some might be hesitant to use them considering their costs. But there are several free apps for small businesses that will help you manage your day-to-day operations.

With these top-rated free apps for small businesses, you can automate repetitive tasks, save on salaries for additional staff, reduce the number of errors and get more done in less time. And importantly, work-life balance will finally be a reality.

Best free apps for small businesses: Accounting


Among free accounting apps for small businesses and freelancers, QuickFile is a top choice because of its effortless invoicing and multi-currency support. The app integrates with all major banks in the UK and over 300 web services. Above all, what makes QuickFile the top choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners is its exceptional ease of use.


Generating invoices, handling payments and tracking expenses will be easy with Wave. With unlimited accounting and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it’s the preferred choice of small businesses and sole traders. More than two million users trust it to automate accounting and stay on top of their business finances.

Best free apps for small businesses: Payroll

PAYE Tools

Offered by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), PAYE Tools is for businesses with fewer than ten employees. You can manage almost all payroll tasks, compute taxes and handle insurance for your team members. The basic version of the app is only for bookkeepers or agents with fewer than three clients.


If your business has fewer than 25 people, another option you could consider is Payroll4Free. You can pay your employees and contractors, calculate taxes, make direct deposits or through paper checks. There’s also a dedicated employee portal in this ad-supported payroll app.

Best free apps for small businesses: Project management


One of the most visually appealing project management tools is Asana. Designed to enhance collaboration, the app brings all your projects together in one place that can be accessed by everyone. You can assign and organise tasks, which will make it easy to know who’s in charge of what aspect of a project.


Used by Google and Squarespace among others, Trello can power productivity through efficient project management. Everything from planning to goal setting and events is easier with the app, which also comes with lists and cards for easier visualisation. Businesses can also customise and add features as their teams expand.

Best free apps for small businesses: Organisation


For note-taking, listing tasks, and scheduling, few apps can rival Evernote. Everything you note down will be stored in the cloud and accessible across multiple devices even with the free plan of the app. Now you and your team members will know what tasks everyone has to do and will be able to schedule them with ease.

Google apps

No discussion of free apps for small businesses can be complete without the Google suite of apps. In all likelihood, you’d already be using Google, so adding other services shouldn’t be difficult. You can use Docs, Slides, and Sheets to create all kinds of documents and safely store them in Google Drive. Real-time collaboration will now be easy for small businesses.

Best free apps for small businesses: Communication


Trusted by startups worldwide, Slack is a must-have communication app for small businesses. Touted as the digital headquarters of your business, the free version of the app has all the functionalities that a small business would need. You can organise by project and even communicate with your business associates from other companies with this user-friendly app.

Webex by Cisco

Used by both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Webex by Cisco has a free version that’s packed with advanced features. You can make video and voice calls with up to 100 participants. The app enables unlimited messaging and file sharing with dedicated message threads for specific and segmented discussions.

Best apps for small businesses: Virtual numbers


You won’t be just getting a second line for work with Chalkboard. You’ll also be getting a marketing tool for your small business. The app lets you organise contacts, broadcast messages to groups and has advanced chat features. Unlike the other apps listed here, Chalkboard also comes with review aggregation and management. The app will automatically send requests to your customers to review you online.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. With a virtual number and marketing features, it’s almost like you’re getting two apps in one.

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