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Elevate your small business with these project management apps

Why small business owners should organise their tasks with project management apps and the best ones to choose from
Small business project management apps

Among small business management apps, some of the most important fall in the category of project management. The right project management app is the difference between teams that get their projects done well and on time and those that miss their deadlines.

Independent businesses need small business management apps because they may not have specialised staff and other resources to take care of projects. This can cause projects to run behind, or even not get finished. A recent survey found that only 29% of businesses said they mostly or always complete projects on time. With the right project management app, you can better ensure smooth collaboration between your team members and finish the tasks by the deadline.

What does a project management app do?

It helps you organise resources, develop a manageable plan and execute a project by the deadline date. It also helps you create estimates, control costs, encourage collaboration, manage quality and document the whole process. And like all other top-rated mobile-friendly apps, you’ll be able to manage the projects remotely.

Why should you use a project management app?

Project management apps are among the top apps for managing small businesses because they make life easier for managers. If you own a small business, you should consider using one because:

  • It will save you time

  • It will ensure that you complete projects within the deadlines

  • You’ll have a better idea about the resources you need

  • You’ll know the real-time status of the task

  • It will give you updates about where your coworkers are at

  • You’ll be able to share timelines and documents with your team members

  • It will help you plan future projects with learnings from the previous tasks

What to look for in a project management app

The app you choose should suit the particular needs of your business. It should help you:

  • Plan the project with ease

  • Allocate resources based on the project’s needs

  • Share the timeline with the team members

  • Get status updates

  • Collaborate in real-time

  • Manage tasks remotely

7 project management apps for small businesses


If you want a project management app that’s as easy to use as your whiteboard, Trello is what you are looking for.


Creating tasks and sharing them with your team is incredibly easy with Asana. The best part? If your business has fewer than 15 members, you can use it for free.


Planning projects? Easy. Visualising them through pre-installed templates? Even easier. With Monday.com, project management is made as easy as possible.

Toggl Plan

You can choose Toggl Plan’s Team timeline to manage and collaborate with your staff. You can also use the app’s Plan timeline to plan and schedule your projects.


If this is the first time your team’s using a project management app, Basecamp is a safe choice. It’s elegantly simple to use and is built specifically for collaboration – particularly if your work is working remotely from home.


You can use Todoist to create tasks and assign team members. Then you can add a deadline and prioritise tasks based on their urgency and track their progress.

Proprofs Project

While you can create and delegate projects, what makes Proprofs particularly useful is that you can also create subtasks. Along with the other standard features, the app also lets you create invoices.

In short

Whether you’ve been running your business for a while or are just starting out, automation can help optimise your operations. From expense tracking to finance software, small business management apps are changing the way small business owners approach their jobs. Now you can add project management apps to the list of those tools that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to have to improve their company’s organisation.

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